5 Reasons Why Our Organic Hair Perfume is a Summer Essential

Certified Organic Hair Perfume by Tabitha James Kraan

5 Reasons Why Our Organic Hair Perfume is a Summer Essential

The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and our hearts are filled with joy! But it’s not just the blue sky and warm weather that’s got us feeling seriously uplifted – we’ve got another secret weapon that makes us feel as though the sun is always shining even on a grey day: our heavenly, aromatherapy scented Organic Hair Perfume.

If there’s one hair product that is going to be your summer staple, this is it. The subtle yet heady earthy, floral fragrance courtesy an artisanal blend of organic essentials oils is one that will not only punctuate your long summer nights spent with friends and loved ones, but it will leave your hair feeling, looking and smelling fresh all day long too.

Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home with our Organic Hair Perfume this summer:

About OrganicHair Perfume by Tabitha James Kraan

It smells incredible

As you’ve probably gathered from the above, our Organic Hair Perfume has a scent you are going to love.

  • It’s unisex, but really – not the kind of unisex that actually has a very masculine undertone, but a neutral, natural blend of floral and citrus that will meld with your unique scent and become your very own.

  • It’s therapeutic. The aromatherapy blend of neroli, lavender, myrrh, bergamot and lemon is created to soothe and uplift your soul.

  • It’s natural. This hair perfume is alcohol free, 100% natural and made with 99.5% organic ingredients, which only adds to the wonderful scent.

It’s multi-functional

Yes, this hair perfume is exceptionally beautiful when spritzed onto your locks, but it can be used for so much more than what it says on the tin.

The hydrating and anti-inflammatory nature of the essential oils and the additional ingredients of white tea and nettle means that this lovely stuff is just as wonderful to use on your skin.

Keep in the fridge and then pop into your bad before you head out. Going for a run? Cool down with an all over spritz. From office to date night? Freshen up in an instant.

organic hair perfume

It’s de-odorising

Nights sitting by a BBQ or camp-fire are magical and cooking a delicious meal for loved ones to enjoy is something you may delight in these coming summer months, but don’t let unwanted odours in your hair get you down. Ordinarily, getting these sorts of smells in your hair is only remedied by washing, but our Organic Hair Perfume is anything but ordinary.

A liberal spray and a tousle later and your hair will be smelling good as new. Unwanted smells not covered up, but 100% neutralised, and replaced with exquisite natural fragrance


It’s charged

Our haircare is holistic. We like to take care of you on every level, so we’ve included the TJK signature Amethyst stone in every bottle. Why? Well, not only does its presence ensure that the oils used are blended to perfection with every shake, but it also infuses the mind-calming properties of this loving crystal into your beauty routine.

It’s frizz’s worst enemy

We love summer, but we’re not so keen on how humidity + heat + air con can play havoc with our hair. Fortunately, our Organic Hair Perfume tackles frizz head-on by hydrating your tresses and plumping each strand meaning with this in your beauty kit, you can say goodbye to fly-aways, naturally.

Certified Organic Hair Perfume by Tabitha James Kraan