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Meet The Founders

Meet the Founders of Tabitha JK

Dennes & Tabitha James-Kraan

Husband & Wife team Dennes & Tabitha have been working together passionately since Dennes moved from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in 1998.

With a shared passion for a sustainable, organic, healthy lifestyle involving as much time as possible outdoors in nature, they transferred their ethos into their business, creating the first sustainable, holistic, organic hair salon in the UK in 1999.

Virtually travelling across the world to find the products which would encompass the philosophy and deliver functionality and performance at a professional level, led to the disappointing conclusion and discovery that modern hair care products do not care for modern life and needs. The opposite.

Having studied ancient rituals and herbs, organic and biodynamic growing practises and emerging themselves in the complex world of green chemistry, Tabitha & Dennes came to the conclusion that the only way they were going to supply the salon with the purest quality and performance products required, they were going to have to make them themselves…

We are excited that you are joining us on our journey.

Dennes & Tabitha

Serial Entrepeneurs, Creative Minds, Problem Solvers, Bar Raisers, Nature Lovers, Perfectionists.