Anti-Aging? A Tired Term That Needs to Retire!


Anti-Aging? A Tired Term That Needs to Retire!

There’s so much wrong with the beauty industry, but one of our pet peeves is how undesirable so many brands have made the process of aging. We all age, there’s no escaping it – so we say embrace it. It’s time to celebrate the true you, whatever your age, wrinkles and all!

To deem a product or an ingredient anti-aging is pretty ludicrous when you think about it. You can’t reverse the passage of time and why would you want to anyway? Of course, the allure of youthful looks is a strong one thanks to generations of ‘pretty propaganda’ telling us that what is completely natural is ugly; but if you ask us, having youthful hair and skin doesn’t mean you should spend your time and money trying and find that eye cream, that hair mask or that makeup that leaves you looking like a teenager. Instead, we advise that you simply focus on maintaining health and balance that suits your hair and skin type at each stage of your life. Ironically, working with and accepting the inevitable changes in your hair and skin as you mature, rather than trying to combat it, yields far more beautiful results.


It’s time to change how we talk about aging

In ancient cultures all around the world, getting older is celebrated, but in western society it is feared. The fact is, that not everyone gets to age, so if we make it far enough in life to develop wrinkles and grey hair it’s time to start feeling thankful, not disheartened. Loving yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do.

How many times have you heard someone say “she looks great for her age!””? What if we changed our thinking to just “she looks great!”? Our obsession with looking young forever has seeped into our everyday thought process and ‘anti-aging’ has become the number one selling term used, hooking into many people treating themselves to hair and skin products in the hope of a time-machine in a bottle.

We’re not suggesting that being older means you shouldn’t enjoy using gorgeous products or taking care of yourself. We’re simply saying forget anti-aging and choose to bring out the very best of you instead.

Youthful hair isn’t about colour

One of Tabitha’s proudest achievements is being a front-runner for changing the world’s opinion of grey hair. Men have generally had it easier, being labelled a ‘silver fox’ when the salt and pepper starts showing through but women seem to be expected to maintain a colour that is anything but grey, even if it’s to the detriment of their own health.


Tabitha sports her own head of shimmering silver locks and she encourages others to follow suit, altering their haircare regime to bring out the best in their hair. Having youthful hair has nothing to do with colour – it’s glossy, lustrous, full hair full of life that should be the goal. Not anti-aging, just healthy.


Maturing hair does change, so work with it! 

As we age, our skin and hair does change in many ways and so, it’s important to alter your skin and haircare products and regime to look your best.

No more kowtowing to the anti-aging hype! Let’s switch gears and bin the tired notion that getting older is a bad thing. Accept the changes and tweak your routine accordingly – we promise you’ll look and feel amazing!

Caring for Mature Hair: Our Top Tips



  • Your hair is quite fragile now, so treat it with care. No rubbing with a towel or tearing a comb through tangles! Gentle squeeze and pat dry and invest in a good quality boar bristle brush.


  • Full, healthy hair requires the right amount of sebum being produced at the scalp, so indulge in an oil treatment once or twice a week with our Organic Scented Hair Oil. Apply it before shampooing and leave on for at least half an hour. Massage the oil deeply into your scalp in gentle, circular motions to get the blood flow going.


  • Harsh chemicals, such as the ones used in hair dye, are the worst for prematurely aging your hair; so whilst you don’t need to turn back the clock, there’s no sense in pressing fast forward either! Choose natural, organic products that are kind to your hair and if you do want to dye your hair, opt for highlights and lowlights using organic hair dye that adds depth to your existing colour.