Soothe Your Senses: The TJK Organics Aromatherapy Scents

Soothe Your Senses:
The TJK Aromatherapy Scents

Stepping into a new chapter of your life with positive intent and leaving behind any unwanted baggage is a fantastic way to start as you mean to go on; a little bit of a pick-me-up wouldn’t go amiss…

For us, we find that one of the best ways to lift our spirits is through the wonders of aromatherapy – a wholly natural, healing practice that has the potential to soothe, relax, invigorate and just about anything else you might need a helping hand with! A diffuser in the house is a fabulous way to fragrance your home with whatever oils you feel would be beneficial, but what about when you’re on the go or when you’re in need of something a little more personal? This is where the aromatherapy scents that we have developed to use across our entire organic haircare line comes in.

A mere spritz of our organic hair perfume, a dusting of our organic dry shampoo or a dab of our scented organic hair oil is enough to leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated, wherever you are. But there’s more to it than just smelling great that makes you feel good. We have carefully selected the essential oils that we have chosen to blend together to have a positive impact on your life, as well as your hair….


Ylang Ylang

Say goodbye to elevated stress levels…just a hint of Ylang-Ylang gives an exotic note that acts as a serious soother – an antidepressant, a stress and anxiety reliever and even an aphrodisiac once you’re feeling super blissed out!



There’s a reason that Tangerines are an essential stocking filler – as a stomachic, the oil from this delicious fruit helps to boost digestion and soothe the stomach. A must for any of us who have over-done it during the festive period!



Another amazing oil for fighting depression and calming nerves, the beautiful scent of Rose oil that makes up the body of our Amber Rose scent lifts the spirit, boosts confidence and self-esteem and helps to attract positivity into the lives of those who use it.



Inhaling Patchouli essential oil has a wonderful affect on the body which results in the release of the pleasure hormones serotonin and dopamine. Once you’ve got these in free flow, you can expect feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety to melt away.



There’s good reason that Lavender is renown for being an essential component of your aromatherapy arsenal to get to sleep – it works. There have been multiple studies which have shown that Lavender helps to improve sleep regularity when used in place of insomnia medication, thanks to it’s deeply relaxing affect.



If you’re feeling down in the dumps, Neroli is the aromatherapy oil for you! A potent mood-lifter which invokes feelings of joy and happiness, this is one that doesn’t hurt to include in your daily beauty routine – which you can, with our products!

Neroli is also a fantastic choice for winter months as it helps to keep you warm and makes it easier to breathe and sleep in the cold.



A little lemon oil goes a long way for your mind, body and soul by aligning your focus both in this realm and on more spiritual planes! By easing conflict in your own thoughts and increasing focus, your spiritual and psychic awareness are free to open up to new possibilities. Oh, it’s perfect for eliminating fatigue too!



The go-to aromatherapy oil to relieve emotional turmoil and soothe a sore tum that has come about as a result of it. Bergamot oil helps us to relax and let go of emotional hang ups – the perfect way to start the new year.