The Beauty of Cocoa: One Superfood We Can REALLY Get Behind…


The Beauty of Cocoa: One Superfood We Can REALLY Get Behind…


Who says if something tastes great it must be bad for you? OK, so much of the time we call guilty pleasures guilty for a reason, but there is one exception to the rule: chocolate. Not the sugar-filled kind, but the real stuff – the good stuff. Real cocoa in a high percentage is a naughty treat that as it turns out, isn’t so naughty at all.

The consumption of cocoa dates back long before the confectionary companies took over, being used in Central America and Mexico, where it was originally grown, for spiritual ceremonies, medicine and beauty. Today, the chocolate bars filling shop shelves are a far-cry from the sweet pulp of the chocolate fruit used by these indigenous peoples but cocoa and raw cacao hold all the same, multitude of health, beauty and wellbeing benefits.

We use cocoa in our Organic Dry Shampoo for dark hair not only to add a beautiful depth in colour but also for it’s highly nutritious, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting properties, but the amazing qualities of this miraculous bean don’t stop there.

From aiding all sorts of ailments to improving your memory and overall sense of wellbeing, there’s so much more to cocoa than its delicious taste…

Cocoa Makes You Happy!

You’ve not imagined it all these years: chocolate really does make you feel happy! Cacao contains something affectionately nicknamed ‘the bliss molecule’, also know as Anandamide, which creates a feeling of euphoria. Better yet, it also contains the feel-good brain chemical Serotonin and boosts the brain levels of calming hormones. An all-round wellness hero!


Cocoa Gives You Energy

It’s not just a sugar-rush (in fact, it’s definitely not with cocoa as it’s sugar-free!). That energy boost is thanks to high levels of magnesium – one of the highest found in a natural food source – which combats fatigue whilst also protecting against osteoporosis, type II diabetes and high blood pressure.


Healthy Fats

Cacao and cocoa is not something you should skip on a diet (they can actually aid in weight loss), not because they’re fat free but because the fats they do contain are the healthy ones, similar to those in olive oil. These fats are essential for growth, a strong immune system and a healthy metabolism.

Beautiful Hair & Glowing Skin

Cocoa contains flavanols (plant-based nutrients) in a entirely unique blend that can be found in no other food on Earth. Flavanols improve circulation, increase oxygen saturation and boosts skin hydration which is great news for both hair and skin.


Heart Protecting

Cacao contains over 700 compounds and complex antioxidants which reduce bad cholesterol, prevents the hardening of arteries and improves circulation. This natural medicine is so effective that there are no drugs on the market that beat its heart protective properties.



Cocoa is great at de-stressing because it reduces levels of cortisol in the body. So if you’re feeling wound up, treat yourself to a high percentage cocoa hot chocolate, sit back and relax.