Beauty Untouched: The Truth Behind Our WIW Photo-shoot


Beauty Untouched: The Truth Behind Our WIW Photo-shoot


If we had chosen to use ‘industry standard’ models in our recent WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS campaign, we wouldn’t have been the first beauty brand to do so. If we had filled out hairstyles with hair extensions and slathered skin with thick makeup, we wouldn’t have been the first haircare line to do so. If we had taken our final images and retouched them to remove every blemish, every inch of fat and every hair out of place, we wouldn’t have been the first cosmetics company to do so.


Here at Tabitha James Kraan Organics, we’re not fans of fitting into ideals, which is why we did none of these things for our campaign photoshoot.


Instead, we used real women who genuinely love and use our products to keep their hair looking just the way they want it. We styled them according to their own personalities, without fake hair and only using ethical makeup made with natural ingredients. We left our final images pure, untouched and beautiful showing our warriors in a true light.


The result? Incredible, honest photos and video footage that captured the essence and true beauty of what it is to be a woman.

Yes, our models are young…


For our WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS campaign, we deliberately chose to use millennials. This isn’t because we believe that to be young is to be beautiful, but rather that we are acutely aware of how hammered by the media young girls are to look and be a certain way, and we felt that it was time to address that.


We asked our girls to stand strong in their own identity, so that we could capture their deepest power: who they really are and what they believe in. We wanted our campaign to reflect truth, to show that regardless of what the media forces us to look upon as being ‘perfect’, it’s the uniqueness of an individual and their own story that reflects a dazzling radiance that can’t be bought in a bottle or a pressed powder compact.


Our warrior models are undeniably beautiful, but it’s what shines through from the inside that we really wanted to tap into. We were privileged to be invited into each woman’s inner world, as they brought to life each facet of womanhood that we presented them with.


Everyone is individual. There is no ‘ideal look’. Be you; there is nothing more beautiful or more amazing.

“‘I love myself.’ The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever.” Nayyirah Wayeed

The Inspiration


Aside from feeling inspired by the need to demonstrate to all women that who they are is truly beautiful and deeply powerful, we drew great inspiration from the stirring words and images of ‘Today I Rise’ by The Flourish Initiative.


Before embarking upon our journey of truth with our three warrior women, we all stood together and watched this incredibly moving video. By the end, we were all stood with tears brimming in our eyes; completely open, raw and powerful. It was from this place that we asked our girls to reach within themselves and draw out their Warrior, Innocence and Wilderness woman, bringing their own idiosyncrasies to every shot.

Our Message


Through our WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS campaign, we implore all women out there to stand strong in your own power, know who you are and wear it with pride. Just be you: un-airbrushed, un-touched, un-yielding, each and every day and know how beautiful that is.