Tabitha James Kraan Organics Key Ingredients: Why We Love Tapioca


Tabitha James Kraan Organics Key Ingredients: Why We Love Tapioca

Tabitha James Kraan Hero Ingredient Tapioca

Our organic hair products are kind and gentle to our hair, bodies and the planet. We have designed our range to not only promote beautiful locks, but healthy ones with a balanced and soothed scalp free from any discomfort or irritation which is so often exacerbated (and sometimes even caused) by alternative, chemical based cosmetics.

When creating our organic haircare line, we wanted to formulate products that could be used by everyone, even those of you with the most sensitive and reactive skin, so hypo-allergenic Tapioca, with all of it’s additional amazing benefits, seemed to us like a great ingredient to include….

Tapioca is a mild yet densely nutrient-rich powder that gentle cleanses the hair and soothes the scalp. Here’s some more reasons why we love it…

Where it all began…

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the Cassava root, a plant native to the Northeast region of Brazil. Although poisonous when ingested incorrectly without the right processing, when it is used right (as ours of course is!) the benefits of this powder are remarkable.

With an appearance and texture very similar to corn starch you might think that they’re a similar substance, but Tapioca actually offers a huge range of benefits for hair, skin and health.


Why we use it…

This unassuming powder is packed full of benefits for the hair and it’s an essential ingredient in a few TJK products.

Tapioca is a powerhouse of nutrients so it’s perfect for hair that is dry, damaged and in need of some deep yet gentle nourishment and repair; The blood circulation boosting properties of this plant help to strengthen your hair at the root, meaning less hair loss and increased hair growth and to top it all off, Tapioca is hydrating and soothing for an all-round calm and balanced hair and scalp.

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Tapioca is:

  • Highly nutritious, due to its unique composition of carbohydrates, vitaminsminerals, and organic compounds. 

  • Great for boosting circulation, meaning less hair loss and more hair growth!

  • Hypo-allergic and suitable for even the most sensitive hair and skin

  • Extra gentle and scalp soothing

Where you’ll find it…

You’ll find Tapioca on the ingredients list of our multi-award winning Organic Dry Shampoo for fair and dark hair.