Best Natural Beauty Product 2016

It’s official!! It has been an amazing weekend at the Natural & Organic Product Show Europe 2016!!

Not only was there the highest turnout in Natural & Organic Product Show history, but the TJK stand was inundated!!

The whole weekend was topped off by the Compact Dry Shampoo winning the Best Natural Beauty Product Award!! The loveliest of Dragons, Deborah Meadon, presented our team with the award and even promised to try the range herself!

The Best New Product Awards were voted for by visitors to the show on Sunday 17th April and then judged by a panel of leading industry experts; including Al Overton (Planet Organic), Julian Wright (The Health Store), Julie Goodwin (Natural Health) and Jeff Martin (As Nature Intended).

Tabitha James Kraan gets awarded the Best Natural Beauty Award 2016 by Deborah Meadon

It was an amazing experience to see such a high calibre of truly natural and organic products all gathered in one room. Year on year, the quality and range of these brands astounds me. When I first made the decision to go Organic it was a real struggle to find the natural and organic equivalent to traditional everyday products. 17 years later I am now able to purchase every product under the sun in it’s natural, harmless form.

I want to thank everyone who voted for us, from the bottom of my heart. You really are what makes the difference. Without you Tabitha James Kraan wouldn’t be where we are today.

I can’t wait for what’s to come!

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Eco-luxury that really delivers the highest quality powerful organic ingredients.

When it comes to the needs of the hair, using synthetic oils will coat the hair and build up weighing the hair down. A light layer of my pure organic oils will mimic the acid mantle (the natural layer of oil that we find on our skin). The fine layer of oil will seal and protect the hair allowing it to retain moisture for longer, which is so important for the fabric of hair. When hair is moisturised, it will move freely and have natural buoyancy revealing the hair’s natural lustre.

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