Botanical Beauty: Discover Beautiful, Healthy Hair in Nature

botanical beauty

Botanical Beauty: Discover Beautiful, Healthy Hair in Nature

You know that glossy sheen that you often get when using synthetic hair products? Your tresses may look perfect temporarily, but what truly lies underneath? The problem here, for starters, is that there is an underneath – damaged hair, coated rather than healthy hair through and through.

Locks that have been treated with care with natural, gentle haircare practices and products sometimes takes a little time to get to that flawless appearance stage but that’s because rather than covering up an issue, you’re healing and repairing it once and for all. Botanical Beauty (as we like to call it) offers so much more than concealing – it is the path to beautiful, healthy hair and a perfectly balanced scalp.

Hair that is strong, vibrant and shiny. Hair that is real, not perfect.

Reveal Your Real

with 3 TJK Organics Principles

Oil Balancing Principle to Healthy Hair
Correct Cleansing Principle to helathy hair
Moisture Layering Principle for Healthy Hair

Loving, Natural Haircare

For us, Botanical Beauty is the only option. Better for you, better for the planet and better, long-lasting results for damaged hair.

With kind, natural ingredients, Tabitha James Kraan Organics products are designed to work as a part of nature, not apart from it. This is something that we stand by in all areas of life as we know that to be at harmony with ourselves, we must also be in harmony with our world.

Aside from knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet by choosing to support Botanical Beauty brands like ours, you’re also doing yourself a solid. No nasty chemicals will be entering your system to wreak havoc, no harsh detergents will be stripping your hair down to a shadow of its former self in your youth. Our ingredients are loving, enveloping your hair in deeply hydrating oils and reviving and rebalancing with some of nature’s finest.

botanical beauty

Meet Our Hair Heroes…

botanical beauty

The True Test of Healthy Hair

If you haven’t given the old ‘it’s not me, its you’ to your synthetic hair products yet, this is likely down to the fact that you feel they’re working for you. The cold hard truth is, they’re not! Just because hair looks silky on the outside does not mean that it’s strong and healthy on the inside, which we consider to be equally important.

To find out if your hair is in need of a helping hand, despite appearances, take a single strand and pop it into a glass of water. If your hair is healthy, it will float; if your hair is damaged and porous, it will sink.