Clean Conditioner – Why do you need it?

COND- 001

Clean Conditioner - The instant hair mask

COND- 001

Why does my hair need moisture?

Moisturising creates manageability, shine, workability and longevity of your look.

Features and benefits

Leaves the hair feeling deeply nourished by rich, clean, moisture.
Leaves a lightweight feel once dry.
Does not contain any silicones or liquid plastics.
Smoothes, nourishes and delivers shine to all hair types.

What will it do for me?

Why is it good for our planet?

As more of us are becoming conscious of our lifestyle choices, being mindful about what we’re putting on our skin is a natural next step.

A recent study showed that some people in some countries are using 18 cosmetic products per day* on average. It’s time we gave our skincare regimes some TLC and questioned what’s in our bathroom cabinets.

Soil Association Certification believes in organic alternatives and makes it simpler for you to choose organic formulations that are effective without any ugly compromises.

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So, what is an organic cosmetic? This is what the soil association say…

In the simplest of terms, organic refers to any produce from organic farming that does not allow the use of synthetics fertilisers, genetically modified (GM) ingredients and herbicides. Sounding prettier already right? Organic cosmetics use these organic ingredients (such as calendula or lavender) wherever possible.

To make sure they work and don’t go off too quickly, many cosmetic products need ingredients that don’t come from nature, such as emulsifiers, which blend oil and water.

The use of the term organic is not currently regulated in relation to cosmetics, which means there’s no guarantee that products which say organic on the label only contain ingredients which would meet strict organic standards. Thankfully, independent certification exists – where you see the COSMOS or Soil Association logo, you know that every step of the process to make that product has been robustly checked by impartial experts. Certified organic cosmetics meet strict standards which guarantee that organic ingredients are used where possible, and that those ingredients which cannot be organic are made using green chemistry principles. Translation: no toxins, no nasties.

Certified organic means working with nature, not against it.