The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products: Correct Cleansing

correct cleansing

The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products:
Correct Cleansing

You’ve read our blog on the first of Tabitha James Kraan Organics three principles, oil balancing, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the next key step in achieving beautiful hair, naturally: Correct Cleansing.

Correct Cleansing is something that has long since been abandoned by most, both at home and in the salon. Foaming agents such as sodium laureth sulphate quelled the ‘need’ for gentle washing where washing is required, and instead the extreme lathering that has become the norm just strips the hair of all oils – beneficial ones included.

“Healthy hair is the foundation of great hair” – that’s our motto. And Correct Cleansing without that dehydrating stripping process that has become the norm is where you need to build from.

It’s time to start being kinder to your hair and scalp with gentle and loving cleansing methods and products.

Using natural ingredients, celebrated for their high-performance and long-lasting results, the Tabitha James Kraan Organics cleanser treats your hair with care. We don’t just wait for the conditioning stage to hydrate and protect your locks – we keep this at the forefront of our product development every step of the way.

Our Organic Cleanser is NOT shampoo.

It is formulated using natural Soapbark, rather than harsh detergents, to carefully clean whilst depositing a fine layer of our award-winning Scented Organic Hair Oil along the way.

With Correct Cleansing, it is our goal to help you allow your scalp to achieve it’s own, natural equilibrium.

correct cleansing

What is Correct Cleansing?

Correct Cleansing means that with every hair wash (or cleanse) your locks are being nourished and nurtured rather than assaulted by a barrage of harsh chemicals and detergents.

Our cleanser does not contain a chemical foaming agent and therefore, lather is minimal. This may take a little getting used to, but it by no means suggests that it’s not doing it’s job! Without an overall foam, it is easier to target the specific areas that need washing and leaving the lengths be.

Unlike the usual dollop of product on the scalp that often leads to the over-washing of certain areas, we recommend mentally dividing your scalp into 8 sections and using 2 pumps for each, coming in under the hair to really get to the scalp. You only need a small amount for the top of the head and the fringe area.

How Will Correct Cleansing Affect My Hair?

The aim of the game with your average shampoo is to scrub away all traces of anything on your hair and scalp, the good and the bad. After the initial coating of a follow up synthetic conditioner has worn off, this quite quickly results in a dry, irritated and sensitive scalp and dull, lifeless locks.

The aim of the TJK organic cleanser is to break the cycle of hair misery, perpetuated by frequent washing and a stripped scalp. Find balance and soothe the scalp with natural, easily absorbed oils, and soften, nourish and protect each strand from the inside out.

The result of Correct Cleansing? Soft, clean, moisturised hair and a healed, balanced scalp.

correct cleansing

Which TJK Organics Products Are Best for Correct Cleansing?

Our Organic Hair Cleanser is available in two luxurious aromatherapy scents: Amber Rose and Golden Citrus.