A Cotswolds Christmas: 5 Reasons We’ll Be Buying Our Gifts from Independent Retailers


A Cotswolds Christmas: 5 Reasons We’ll Be Buying Our Gifts from Independent Retailers

It all started for us in the picturesque town of Stow-on-the-Wold and you can still find our one and only Tabitha James Kraan organic hair salon here today.

Over the years, so much of our success has come from the love and loyalty of our original customers – locals here in the beautiful Cotswolds – and so when the time for festive shopping comes around, we do our best to give back to the area and buy our gifts locally from all of the wonderful independent retailers that we have in this incredible part of the world.

We love buying from independent stores and smaller scale businesses and we know that you will too. By choosing to support small businesses in the Cotswolds this Christmas, we’ll not only be more likely to find our loved ones unique and thoughtful gifts but we’ll also be providing much-needed economic growth to the area, helping the planet in more ways than one and of course, putting money in the pockets of real people to pay the bills and put food on the table for families at Christmas time and beyond.


We hope you’ll join us in our support for small businesses all over the world, to help encourage an eco-friendly and human-friendly style of shopping and promote the growth of all the quirky little shops we love so much.


Here are 4 reasons we’ll be shopping locally in the Cotswolds and from independent retailers this Christmas:

It is the ethical choice

We all love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas and in our minds, there’s nothing wrong with that. It is, of course, the season for being generous with loved ones and strangers alike, and there’s nothing quite like a thoughtful present to show how much you care.

However, the true meaning of Christmas has a tendency to get somewhat diffuse in the midst of all the frenzied spending, with more families than not falling into debt as they try to make the pile under the tree bigger and bigger as Christmas day draws closer.

As you’ll have read in our blog ‘Have Yourself an Eco-Luxe Christmas’, we’re very much into the notion of fewer, better, eco-friendly and carefully considered items – and these are items that you’re far more likely to find being sold by independent retailers. There’s no need to buy huge amounts of junk and this only contributes to the plight of our planet.


By choosing to shop locally and buy high-quality, often hand-made gifts you’re also choosing to promote fair pay; worker’s rights and helps to reduce your carbon footprint too.

Buying seasonal food locally is a particularly good move for both the planet and your health. We’ve got loads of fantastic farm shops and farmer’s markets here in the Cotswolds, so we’re spoilt for choice with delicious locally grown and reared fruit, veg and meat.

Find the Perfect Gift

You’ll find a truly unique gift

Who wants to have the same, mass-produced bumf as everyone else for Christmas? Not us! Shopping locally and from independent retailers = unique gifts that the lucky recipient is bound to adore.

Sure, it’s easy to buy what’s recommended on your Amazon account, but where’s the fun and love and thought in that? Wandering around the beautiful back-streets of quaint towns Cotswolds, like Stow on the Wold, that are full to the brim of unusual and one-off goodies to buy is all part of the fun and scouring the internet for independent retailers like us, selling beautiful products made in small batches, is a pretty close second.

Your custom can make or break a business

High-street shops and online shopping giants are at very little risk of going under any time soon, but home-grown businesses really do rely on your day-to-day custom to keep them in business.

Clare Rayner of Retail Champion says: “Christmas sales can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer’s annual turnover. A bad Christmas can mark disaster for a small business. Sadly, it really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’.” And unfortunately this is true. It’s up to us to keep the small shops we love, thriving!

Your choice to support small businesses will boost your local economy

Did you know that a massive 63p of every £1 spent with small businesses stays within the local economy? This has a huge impact on the local area and all those who live in it.

The money put back is re-spent locally on public infrastructure, higher salaries and community activities, as well as boosting house prices and keeping the shops you love in business. Wrap up warm, gingerbread latte in hand and get out there for the final week on the run up to Christmas!


Treat yourself to a festive jaunt to the Cotswolds this Christmas and visit a few of our favourite shops!

Don’t forget to pop by the Tabitha James Kraan Organics salon too for our full range of products, amazing hairdressers and our legendary style bar for a quick festive do!