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WIW Photo-Shoot Suppliers: Behind The Scenes in The Cotswolds

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with a selection of some of the finest shops and creatives that The Cotswolds has to offer, on our WIW 2017 photo-shoot. Now, we think it’s was about time we introduced you to them all!

If you’ve never visited us here in our Stow on the Wold salon, you might not know all of the treasures that this quaint country town harbours. From seasonal festivals all year round, to award-winning eateries, scores of talent and beautiful boutiques – Stow has it all. Just one of the many reasons that the Tabitha James Kraan brand calls this picturesque county with it’s rolling hills, incredible wildlife and exceptional cream teas, home.

Just as our organic hair products are made in Britain, using ingredients and production that are as local as possible, we love to do the same when it comes to our photo-shoots.

We didn’t have to venture far to find everything we needed to create the fantastic finished looks on our three radiant models that not only looked fantastic but also fell in line with our own brand ethics.


Organic makeup, pre-loved clothes and fair trade accessories: all within a 5 minute walk of our salon! If you ever needed any more of a reason to come and visit us, these fantastic goodies might just do it…

The Makeup 

We don’t just make organic products – we live organic lives! There’s no way that we were ever going to have a photo shoot to promote our organic haircare range and use makeup that contains the very chemicals we stand against, so we got one of our favourite Cotswolds makeup artists in to make good use of the RMS Beauty line that we love so much.

Christine Cara understood our vision immediately and went about creating natural looks that reflected each model’s individuality in just the right way.

Good new for you! Cara is now offering makeup lessons, so you can learn how to create beautiful looks like these too. Visit her website to get in touch.

She Is Warrior

The Clothes

A responsible and sustainable lifestyle is paramount when considering the life of our beautiful planet and all those who reside on it and this extends to so much more than food and cosmetics.

The fashion industry alone could take a huge 125 million people out of poverty by adding 1% of it’s profits to employee wages and the fact that most brands out there choose not to do this, not to mention the pollution that the production process of retail manufacturing causes, means that the clothes we buy, wear and promote can make a big difference to global strife.

Because of this, for our WIW photo shoot we used entirely second hand clothes from our favourite pre-loved designer store, Beetroot.

Just a stones throw from our salon (and with no website, so now you’ll have to visit!), a quick hunt landed us with some incredible ‘like new’ pieces by Alexander Mcqueen, Dior, Gucci and Ellis Saab – all for a fraction of the original price and recycled, to avoid any further damage to our already struggling planet.

The Jewellery

How often do you look at the jewellery you buy and wonder who made it and under what conditions do they work or live? You may have got that necklace at a bargain price, but truly at what cost have you accessorised yourself?

It’s time to step away from the mass-manufactured (who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway?) and lean towards the independent, fair-trade designer. We went with the gorgeous designs from India Mahon, another amazing local talent, to adorn our lovely warrior women.

Each piece that we selected supports a man, woman or child in need by saying “no” to human trafficking, abusive working conditions and poverty and “yes” to fair pay for their work, opportunities to create better lives and making a stand against child and slave labour.