Creating the Organic Nomad

Creating the Organic Nomad

Tabitha achieved this effortless looking style by using two main products; the Amber Rose 4 in 1 conditioner and Dry Shampoo Shaker. The volume and texture created by applying these two products can easily be recreated at home on a daily basis giving the hair life and shine.

To prepare the model’s hair for the day it was first washed with the Amber Rose Hair Cleanser followed by the Amber Rose 4 in 1 conditioner. Once the hair was dry, Tabitha used the Dry Shampoo Shaker to create enviable volume. The shaker adds more product to the roots giving you the ability to layer the product to create healthy, voluminous hair.

Once the volume was enhanced, Tabitha plumped the hair with the 4 in 1 Conditioner to create the desired texture and luxurious shine. The formulation is light enough to avoid weighing the hair down, but potent enough to smooth, texturise, and volumise the hair, and to enhance curl definition. By working the conditioner through the ends in several layers the hair had a luminous glow which caught the light of the sun.

4 in 1 Conditioner Hair Moisturiser
Dry Shampoo Dark Hair

Tabitha’s greatest passion, after haircare of course, is using organic beauty products and sustainable and ethically made fashion and jewellery.

All of the clothing came from A Perfect Nomad who’s philosophy mirrors Tabitha’s beautifully and encompasses the spirit of this shoot. A Perfect Nomad is a luxury, organic and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the bohemian traveller. Living by the belief that a free spirited approach to life and a careful approach to how we treat our planet and our people should combine into a lifestyle and aesthetic which is beautifully individual, elegant & conscious.

A Perfect Nomad have eliminated the use of synthetics and plastics, using only beautiful natural fibres. The silks are organic ‘peace’ silks ensuring that no harm is caused to the silk worm and they also use 100% natural organic cotton, using GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standard) certified fabrics and manufacturers.

A Perfect Nomad at the Tabitha James Kraan Salon

India Mohan design and hand crafted the jewellery for the Organic Nomad shoot. Each piece of India Mohan’s pieces are handmade to an exceptional quality and the bold colours and contemporary design complimented the vision and style of the campaign seamlessly. A selection of her collection can be purchased in the TJK salon so that you are able to be your own Organic Nomad from head to toe.

The Organic Nomad was completely styled using organic hair care, of course, but also organic make up by RMS Beauty. These products used to enhance the model’s natural beauty can all be purchased at the Tabitha James Kraan salon or