crystal-infused beauty

Tabitha’s Signature Amethyst Stone: The Power of Crystal-Infused Beauty

Those of you lucky enough to have a gorgeous little glass bottle of our Organic Scented Hair Oil gracing your dresser or bathroom will have noticed something slightly unusual about it’s contents…

We like to stand out from the crowd in all respects, especially when it comes to our 100% natural hair care. The attention to detail that we put into all of our products doesn’t stop at bringing you the very best organic ingredients to ramp up your daily routine; we delve deep into all facets of eco-luxe beauty, picking out the very best practices and natural beauty options that have been shown to offer incredible results, in contemporary science, naturopathic medicine and age-old traditions.

Alongside a carefully crafted aromatherapy scent, designed to be wholly uplifting and soothing for your mind, body and soul; a blend of exceptional oils that bring the very best out of all hair types and superfood Goji Berry to fight free-radicals and leave your hair full of life, we’ve also included an Amethyst stone in each and every bottle of our Organic Scented Hair Oil.

crystal-infused beauty

Why? Because “charging” your beauty products with crystal energy really does have a serious plus-side.

How It Works


Crystal-infused beauty products have taken the world by storm in recent years, but the use of crystals for their health and beauty benefits is far from new, having been used in some capacity by nearly every culture in recorded history.

There are several ways to use crystals in beauty products, from ground up stones being used as an ingredient to our choice, of using a whole stone to energetically “charge” a product by submerging a stone into the oil. Every method delivers the same outcome – healing, energising and beautifying, physically and emotionally.

It may sound far-fetched, but there is real science behind it!

Quartz crystals are used frequently in modern technology, from ultrasound to satellites, due to their electrical, optical, mechanical and vibrational properties and the way that they affect our bodies is no different. Everything is this world, ourselves included, is made out of energy – sound, specifically.

Crystals are seriously impressive energy conductors, so when used in a beauty product, they actually enhance the energy of the ingredients and then your own energy once it is applied. By enhancing the energy of each ingredient, this encourages them to vibrate at a higher frequency and move towards the weaker cells in your hair, skin and body providing strengthening and microcirculation at the very deepest level.  

crystal-infused beauty

Why Amethyst Stone?


Crystal healing is a very personal thing and each stone has its own unique properties that can be used for different things, however, some stones are great all-rounders and Amethyst is one of those.

When developing our Organic Scented Hair Oil, we knew that we wanted to create a product that not only left your hair looking and feeling amazing, but that also left you feeling totally pampered and relaxed. Our aromatherapy scent of geranium oil, rose flower oil, orange peel oil, neroli flower oil, lemon peel oil and benzoin resin extract is blended to soothe the senses and adding an Amethyst seemed like the perfect match.

Amethyst acts as a potent calming mechanism that eases nerves and boosts confidence, making our crystal-infused oil the perfect addition to your beauty routine. True beauty comes from within and there’s nothing more beautiful than confidence!

Who Loves It?


If you ever want to know what’s hot on the beauty scene, look no further than your favourite celebs! Crystal-infused beauty products are being used by all the top organic beauty-loving celebrities, including Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham and Kylie Jenner. It’s also said that Cleopatra bathed in Rose Quartz to preserve her youthful appearance – you can’t get a much better natural beauty review than that!