Why Does Organic Beauty Matter? Better for You, Better for The Planet.

organic beauty

Why Does Organic Beauty Matter? Better for You, Better for The Planet.

Organic beauty isn’t just about fantastic products that work wonders for your hair and skin (although, that is a bonus!), it’s also about making the best and most responsible choices when choosing what to spend your money on for yourself, your loved ones and the planet.


There’s no denying that great organic beauty products generally deliver considerably more impressive and long-lasting results than their synthetic counterparts – we know ours do! This is due to the fact that our natural ingredients are chosen to genuinely nourish, repair and protect your hair, whilst re-balancing oil production and treating the root cause of any problems for all-round amazing hair health, rather than just covering up symptoms with a plastic coating.

If you’re in pursuit of a cleaner way of living, whatever your motivation, you need to make switching to organic beauty products your number one priority. From saving yourself from harmful chemicals that have been proven time and again to be dangerous to use; to saving the planet from the extensive and unnecessary use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic, toxic fertilisers there are so many reasons why organic beauty really does matter.

organic beauty

Better for You

Non-organic beauty products are chock-full of ingredients that are harmful. With ‘milder’ side effects from causing skin allergies to more serious implications, like putting the development of children and unborn babies at risk, the cons massively outweigh the pros when it comes to using products that contain artificial ingredients.


Read our blog ‘THE TERRIBLE TEN: TOXIC INGREDIENTS YOU’LL NEVER FIND IN OUR ORGANIC HAIRCARE’ for just a small selection of commonly used, chemical ingredients and their shocking side effects…


Don’t be fooled into thinking that putting something onto your skin or hair won’t make a difference to you internally, because it absolutely does!

As the largest organ in our body and a very permeable surface, your skin will drink up all the goodness from lovely natural ingredients and all the toxins from synthetics. With a recent study showing that men and women in some countries use, on average, 18 products a day, that’s a lot of ingredients with the potential to do harm.

If you suffer from allergies, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, headaches, lethargy or any other ailment, you might be surprised at what a difference cleaning up your beauty routine could make. Detox your system for a clean slate and from now on, treat your body with care.


Healthy hair and skin is beautiful hair and skin, so feed it well.

organic beauty

Better for the Planet

Gay Timmons, President of ‘Oh Oh Organic’ and the man behind the first big legislation in the US for organic food production says

“The environmental impact of the cosmetics industry is huge. The world now has more than 7 billion people, many of whom use some sort of cosmetic product daily, and the growth rate of the population is increasing fast.”


When you consider how many people are buying these products, you begin to get an idea of what a huge impact choosing to support organic farming (or non-organic farming) for the cosmetics industry has on our planet.

The mass production of unsustainable, chemical ingredients is one of the leading manufacturing processes, worldwide and that results in an enormous carbon footprint.

organic beauty

Better for Wildlife

Organic beauty products means organic ingredients and organic ingredients means organic farming. By purchasing products wielding the COSMOS logo, you’re supporting a process that takes the wellbeing of wildlife into account, which equates to a safer, stronger eco-system for all of us.


When you wash products made using pesticides, detergents, GMOs and solvents down the drain, they end up in the sea, in our lakes, rivers and streams and absorbed into soil on the land too.

These chemicals then seriously affect the health of marine life and other wildlife in the surrounding areas and in turn, our lives as well.