‘Get The Look’ with Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Don’t Sweat the Short Stuff

She is Warrior

‘Get The Look’ with Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Don’t Sweat the Short Stuff

Following on from our blog ‘Get The Look’ with Tabitha James Kraan Organics: Curly Hair, Don’t Care!’ , the first of three in our mini series, detailing which Tabitha James Kraan Organics products we used on our recent WIW 2017 photo-shoot; today we’ll be looking at Lissie: our short-haired blue beauty who depicts the aspect of ‘Warrior’ in our three-part campaign, Warrior-Innocence-Wilderness.

For our campaign, we deliberately chose to use millennials who are making the stand to wear their individuality with pride and reflect outwardly the beauty that they hold within. We loved Lissie’s totally unique and bold statement look, which was a wonder to style and really simple to get looking great with just a couple of key Tabitha James Kraan Organics products.

Short hairstyles can be easy to wear and easy to manage, but only if you choose the right products and use the right techniques. Here’s how to get Lissie’s look:

Don’t Sweat the Short Stuff

‘Get The Look’: Lissie




She is Warrior

You might think to get that serious root lift we’d have needed some heavy-duty chemical hairspray and mousse…but you won’t find any of that in our organic Cotswolds salon.

Instead, we created the entire look with our trusty ‘on-the-go’ kit: Tabitha James Kraan Organics travel sized 4-in-1 Conditioner and Tabitha James Kraan Organics Compact Dry Shampoo for fair hair.

“Conditioner for volume?!” you might be thinking – yup, you read that right!

Our award-winning 4-in-1 conditioner doesn’t just quench thirsty locks and soothe sensitive scalps; this wonder-product can also be layered up to create volume and density within each strand, from root to tip.

It’s no secret that volumising products ordinarily dry your poor hair out horribly, but our 4-in-1 conditioner is far from ordinary.

Packed with natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to hydrate, protect and smooth your tresses, this is one styling product that you can trust – your hair is actually better off with it, not without it!

Read all about how to create the desired volume, hold and density in your own style with in our blog:


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We finished the look with a soft, subtle hold provided by our natural dry shampoo. We went for the compact version to make the most of our nifty spray pump to really target the areas that needed a little help staying put.

Again, unlike the average dry shampoo out there, ours is developed using natural and organic ingredients that are a benefit to your hair, not a detriment.

Use our dry shampoo on-the-go as an instant style boost. Absorb excess oil and create beautiful texture, volume and gentle hold in just a few small pumps.

Added bonus? Forget the perfume – this aromatherapy scented styling tool smells divine.

Lissie’s vibrant hair colour was just one of the many things that drew us to her when choosing the right models for our campaign, so of course we took extra care to protect and enhance her colour before the shoot.

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