Discover Tabitha’s Favourite Ethical, Eco-Luxe Magazines

eco-luxe magazines

Discover Tabitha’s Favourite Ethical, Eco-Luxe Magazines

Keeping up with all the latest in organic, natural and eco news as well as all the most paradigm-shifting trends and innovators is all part and parcel with being a company, like Tabitha James Kraan Organics, who strives to keep things continually moving forward on a mission to ditch the toxic lifestyle and help others to do so too.

We’re pretty on the ball as it is, being that we’re constantly attending and speaking at some of the most exciting seminars in the natural cosmetics world (and beyond!), rubbing shoulders with others who we feel are 100% on the same page as us and doing incredible work to bring all of our collaborative awareness to the mainstream. But despite that, we must take our hats off to those whose job it is to bring us the most ground-breaking news and share with all of us what’s hot, what’s not and what we can all be doing to better ours and others lives – the writers, the editors and the magazines that are helping enormously to change the natural beauty game in the public eye.

A swathe of supposedly natural products and ingredients have taken centre stage on the high-street and as a result, the beauty pages in many a magazine. But despite this being a step in the right direction, we can’t help but balk when we open the pages of a best-selling glossy mag to see the ‘natural’ products and lifestyle choices recommended are actually pretty far from what we know to be the safe and healthy options.

If it wasn’t bad enough that many of these hailed products and activities are hiding many-a chemical ingredient and unethical practice behind a botanical image or name, fuelled by consumer desire to make informed decisions, it irks us even more that there ARE so many amazing people out there doing and making incredible things. It’s these, often independent and lesser known brands and products that what we want to read about and see on shop shelves and it’s these, that some of our favourite eco-luxe magazines do promote, alongside true healthy living, true mindful practice and true revelations, with the science to back it up.

eco-luxe magazines

If you, like us, are ready to switch your reading material to something a little more in-line with your own eco-friendly and wellness-based beliefs, ethics and knowledge you will LOVE Tabitha’s favourite eco-luxe magazines. Take a look and spread the word!


‘Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury.’


An eco-luxe magazine, quarterly published but with daily online updates. Eluxe magazine is Tabitha’s go-to read to discover other like-minded luxury cosmetics brands who dedicated their work to great ethics and sustainability.

We love how ‘on-it’ editor Chere Di Boscio is about ensuring everything they promote and discuss is absolutely eco-friendly and human-friendly in every way, from the thorough checklist brands must adhere to, to be able to be featured, to advocating vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. A truly holistic approach to wellbeing.

Better yet, 10% of their annual profits go to environmental charities, so by supporting their work you will not only be getting a fantastic read, but your money will be going to a worthy cause.

eco-luxe magazines





Started to offer makeup artists working with clean, green and cruelty free beauty products a place to go – Untainted magazine offers a much-needed service is an often chemical-laden market. Sadly, it is still a rare thing to find a makeup artist who understands the harm of chemical ingredients they use on clients on a daily basis and not just makeup artists, but makeup users as well. However, eco-luxe magazines like this one are helping to change that.

Tabitha loves the fact that so many articles featured here are backed up by science, in a way that is easy to read and accessible for everyone. Seeing hard facts and studies that reveal the harm toxic cosmetics have is immensely helpful when it comes to changing perspectives and it’s fascinating too!

eco-luxe magazines


‘Read the change. Whether it’s sustainable design, ethical fashion, slow food or eco-travel, pebble is about how we want to live, the world we want in the future, our dreams and desires. #pebblesmakeripples


It’s not just the beauty industry that weighs on Tabitha’s mind, it’s the impact us humans and our actions have on the world as a whole. Pebble magazine offers ways for us to all make the changes that have to happen, but in a fun and light manner.

Editor Georgina Wilson-Powell says they’re ‘a magazine about living a life full of good adventure’, giving the reader the support they need when they have taken the ‘risk’ to find a better way of doing something.

Pebble’s hope is that soon, words and phrases like ‘eco this and ethical that’ won’t be needed any more, because it’s just the way we all do things.