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Ethical Fashion: Looking & Feeling Great Does NOT Have to Cost the Earth!

Following on from our blog detailing why recycling clothing is an awesome choice and how you can help to create sustainability in the fashion industry, today we’d like to look a little deeper into the world of ethical fashion. Not just the clothes we wear, but the jewellery, shoes and accessories too and how we can all make much-needed changes to our consumerist habits that will leave us not only looking great, but feeling great about what we wear and how we came to wear it.

ethical fashion

The Terrible Truth

It’s no secret that the world has got into a pretty sorry state, and much of the trouble comes down to us humans, exploiting others, destroying the land and constantly increasing the demand for more for less, which not only equates to a fuller shopping cart for a bargain price, but also the demand for more hard work and less decent pay and rights.

As an example, just this year an undercover agent from the US-based labour rights investigator China Labour Watch went into a factory set up by the £102billion wealthy Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, now officially the richest man in the world, to manufacture the new Echo, Echo Dot and Kindles.

This factory is placed in a small, southern city in China called Hengyang and for good (or rather, horribly bad) reason. This is a place where Chinese Labour Law has slipped through the net and, unlike other, surrounding regions there are very few rules in terms of worker rights and the minimum wage, which these factory workers are paid, is set at a shockingly low £1.69 an hour – that’s £1 less than the already abysmal £2.69 national average for factory workers in China.

Not too far from there, you’ve got the Schenzhen factory, which has been subject to years of well-deserved criticism for its treatment of staff manufacturing iPhones and other Apple devices, which has been so appalling that they have actually had to install netting around the factory to catch workers attempting suicide.

Horrible truths, yes, and even more horrible is the fact that this mistreatment of our fellow humans does not stop at electronics. The unethical fashion industry is also a major offender for breaking human rights through awful working conditions and also, for polluting our world through the use of toxic chemicals, dyes and textile waste that goes hand in hand with what is now being referred to as ‘fast-fashion’, fuelled by a throwaway culture and a disregard or unawareness of what this is really costing us, in the long run.

ethical fashion

It’s up to US!

Although tackling the big brands that thrive on unethical practice may seem like an impossible task, it’s actually something that we must all play an important part in, if we want to see change.

Transformation starts with the individual, both on a personal level and on a much bigger scale, so you alone choosing to make ethical choices will be the catalyst this planet needs. If we all do our bit by decreasing the need for exploitation and increasing the desire for a fairer, safer, more conscientious world the companies continuing to use unethical practice will soon feel the pressure to alter their ways.

ethical fashion

How YOU can help

Do your bit in the fight towards a world filled with ethical fashion by following our tips on our blog on how to recycling your clothes and by making an effort to do your research and only give your money and support to businesses you truly believe in. Spread the word and share your favourite ethical and sustainable brands to help others on their conscious consumer journey.