The Secret to French Girl Hair: Achieve Parisian Chic with our Expert Tips

French Girl Hair

The Secret to French Girl Hair: Achieve Parisian Chic with our Expert Tips

No-one does ‘I woke up this gorgeous’ hair better than the French fashionista. Texture, volume, the perfect amount of weight and gloss-matte ratio – this is the look we’re all striving for when we think of looking naturally chic and the look that many beauty brands out there have created their products to mimic. But how do those iconic French women really get their hair looking so amazing?

Despite how many products are available to attain this care-free tousled look, the real secret is far more simple and far more natural. There are steps to follow and rules to adhere to, but not one of them is heat styling or product related. What is comes down to is healthy hair, not perfect hair, that is truly effortless. We like their style.

French Girl Hair

If you’ve been trying and failing to achieve French Girl Hair, maybe you’re trying too hard. It’s time to take it back to basics and allow your hair to do it’s thing…

Never Blow-Dry

The first step to French Girl Hair is to ditch the hairdryer and allow your locks to air dry every time.

Don’t freak out! We know it’s a BIG ask for many of you who rely on your hairdryer for frizz-free locks, but if you do it right, air-drying can (and will) really work for your hair.

Frizz is simply caused by a lack of moisture, so if your tresses are hydrated enough, air-drying won’t be a problem. Our Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner used as a leave-in is the perfect styling product for air drying as not only is it thirst-quenching but light enough to wear without fear of weighing the hair down (a must for French Girl Hair), but it also provides a gentle, malleable hold to help your finished look fall into place, just as it should.

If you’ve got very thick or particularly dry hair, combine our 4-in-1 with our new Clean Conditioner as a classic ‘rinse out’ for a serious moisture injection.

Once you’ve got the moisture level sorted, here are the steps you should follow to air-dry to perfection:

Hair Cleanser, 4-in-1 Conditioner and Organic Hair Oil Sample Set by Tabitha James Kraan

Try a sample of our Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner

  • Use a microfibre towel. Don’t wrap or rub the hair, just squeeze to release excess water.

  • Once you’ve removed as much water as you can, add a little more 4-in-1 Conditioner if extra frizz-control is required.

  • For a gentle wave in the hair, section the hair and gently twist up each bit. Leave to set like this until completely dry (overnight is ideal).

  • If you’re in a hurry or the idea of absolutely no hairdryer is just too much for you, always use a diffuser on the cool setting once the hair has mostly air-dried. Hold the dryer roughly 8 inches from your head and keep it moving. Stop before your hair is entirely dry and allow that last little bit of air-drying the cruise in.

Embrace Texture  

The true joy of French Girl Hair is that it’s not perfect. It’s dishevelled, it’s sexy, it’s ‘second day’, it’s slept on. It’s polished without being polished and it is most definitely ‘undone’.

The rough finish of French Girl Hair is an essential part of the charm, but how do they get this? The secret is not so secret – it’s actually pretty damn obvious. French girls DO actually sleep on it and wear it as it falls.

You’ll rarely meet a French woman who likes to wash and go; they almost always try to clean their hair in the evening so that all of that lovely, natural sebum has had a chance to work its magic and leave the hair as it should be. Soft without being flyaway, manageable and weighty, but with volume.

She Is Warrior

Get that enviable texture by:

  • Washing your hair in the evening, ready to go the next day.

  • Wearing a silk wrap or silk turban to bed to allow your hair to keep its natural shape without falling prey to friction.

  • Locking your heat styling tools away and leaving them be!

Don’t Dye, Don’t Over-wash

French girls have the upmost respect for what Mother Nature gave them, so hair dye is a no-no and allowing the hair and scalp to enjoy all that fantastic natural sebum is standard. When it comes to dye, the most you’ll see is a few select highlights and lowlights to bring out the most of the natural tone, but rarely a full colour overhaul. And washing? The French are 100% in-line with the TJK way of thinking and strive to only shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week.

Not only will giving the hair dye and the excess washing a rest be better for your health and the planet, but it will allow your scalp to rebalance and your strands to reach their optimal potential.

Keep your hair looking and smelling great on those ‘in-between days’ with our Organic Dry Shampoo (the beautiful root lift is just a little French Girl Hair added bonus…)