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Tabitha James Kraan Gift Set

Introduce yourself to the power of Tabitha James Kraan with the sumptuous Get Started Set; the Ultimate Organic Hair Care set.

Discover inside the stylish recycled cardboard box, a full size version of the Scented Organic Hair Oil, our Amber Rose or Golden Citrus Travel size Hair Cleanser and 4-in-1 Conditioner, as well as the Compact Organic Dry Shampoo available for a choice of light/fair, coloured or darker hair colours.

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The TJK Organic Hair Oil represents a strategic dynamo in Tabitha James Kraan’s range of organic hair products.
The first of Tabitha’s main principles is all about oil balancing:

Contains certified organic Sea Buckthorn, Goji berry, Safflower, Argan & Rosehip & exquisitely scented with our signature Amber Rose aromatherapy scent.

The scented organic hair oil is the super booster to the moisturisers in the range, think of it as a primer to base and prepare the hair to receive moisture. Applying hair oil strengthens and builds up long term protection of the hair strands, sealing the hair shaft, providing strength and protection, and acting like a varnish to deepen, enrich and enhance hair colour.

Why use Organic Haircare?

As an organic hairdresser for over 20 years, I can share my experience with you, the good news is that hair loves organic ingredients.
For hair, pure ingredients achieve excellent results naturally without the need for synthetics; it was such a joy to realise this early in my career as an organic hairdresser.

Our products are packed with premium quality, certified organic ingredients that are both good for your hair and scalp and work in harmony with your body. We fully support the organic farming methods that create beautiful quality ingredients through to the certified products that become part of our water systems when used. We all have an opportunity by using organic cosmetics to have less impact on the planet and to protect the natural world.

Authentic organic products work in harmony with you to support you using fewer products; we want you to enjoy having to wash your hair less often and enjoy beautiful hair every day.