Day Into Night: Enjoy Great Organic Hair ‘On The Go’ in 3 Easy Steps

Day Into Night: Enjoy Great Organic Hair ‘On The Go’ in 3 Easy Steps

Day into Night – these 3 easy steps will take you anywhere looking and smelling amazing, organically!

With ‘party season’ on the horizon and festive folly coming up, finding a way to look your best on the go and transform your look from day to night in an instant is at the forefront of many minds.

Fortunately, when it comes to gorgeous hair, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together essential ‘on the go’ kits, featuring our award winning dry shampoo in a nifty compact spray, our buildable 4-in-1 conditioner in travel size and our 100% natural organic hair perfume to keep you looking, feeling and smelling great wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Day into Night 

Office hair doesn’t have to accompany you to the office party, and you don’t have to go home for a full re-style either! 

The three cult favourites that make up our ‘On the Go’ kits are all designed to not only nurture, repair and protect your locks with naturally hydrating and nourishing organic ingredients, but also to volumise, revive and refresh for salon style in three easy steps.

Compact Organic Dry Shampoo


Our Organic Dry Shampoo will naturally help balance oil production and soothe the scalp and is suitable for all hair types to refresh and volumise on the go.

Give your roots a new lease of life and say goodbye to flat hair! With our compact organic dry shampoo, you can apply this exceptional styling tool directly to your roots with a spray pump action (meaning no mess and no fuss!) for instant excess oil absorption and volume and spray through the lengths of your hair for beautiful texture and scent.

The volume you get out of this award-winning product is up to you: keep it subtle with light coverage or build it up, just like we did with Phoebe in our recent WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS campaign, for a big texured blow-dry.

Style on the move with the multi-functional conditioner

Travel Size Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner


This new miracle conditioner has been designed to be layered, acting as a traditional conditioner to detangle, a leave-in conditioner to support weak areas of the hair.  It is also a high performance styling product for smoothing or for building body in your hair wet or dry! Last but by no means least It can be used as a scalp soothing cream to calm an irritated scalp. Now that is pure cool!


Our multi-functional 4-in-1 conditioner is all you need for perfectly hydrated locks full of life and lustre. Apply in layers to plump each strand full of goodness – the more you use the thicker your hair will be!

When combined with our dry shampoo, you can create the ultimate ‘blow-out in a bottle’, with smooth, volumised tresses and protected, sealed ends. You can dress your look and reinvigorate your locks with just a single pump on dry hair.

Organic Hair Perfume


A hair product that cheers up the saddest hair day, discourages the temptation to over-wash, hydrates and restores life and energy, and smells so exquisite its use should by no means be restricted to the tresses.


Use our organic hair perfume on your hair and skin for a glorious aromatherapy scent that neutralises unwanted odours and leaves you with an uplifting, freshly washed fragrance of bergamot and neroli.

This perfume is 100% natural and alcohol free, meaning that you can spray away without having to worry about causing any damage to yourself or your hair.  In fact, thanks to the clever injection of white tea, nettle and lavender your hair will actually benefit from enjoying our perfume and be left with enhanced colour, texture and a soothed scalp.