Perfect Duos: Style & Revive with Tabitha James Kraan Organics

Perfect Duos: Style & Revive with Tabitha James Kraan Organics

Each and every one of our organic hair products does its own job spectacularly well, meaning that even if you’re using our organic cleanser, 4-in-1 conditioner, scented hair oil or any of our other fantastic line up all by themselves, you’ll still be wowed by the results. However, when teamed up, our products only get bigger and better!

We’ve put together some of our perfect pairs along with guidelines on how to use them. Today’s dynamic duo is the ‘Style & Revive’ team: Our Organic Dry Shampoo and Organic Hair Perfume.

All of our hair organics are designed to balance your hair and scalp, not through piling on the products until we’re happy with the results but by creating haircare that allows your own natural sebum production to do it’s thing and leave you with natural healthy, glossy locks.

We don’t believe that washing your hair every day is best, in fact, we want you to get to the point where you are happy to gently cleanse and condition your hair 2 or 3 times a week so that you’re no longer stripping away those much-needed natural oils. However, we do appreciate that it can take time to get to that point and even when you are there, we know that having hair that looks, feels and smells freshly washed is important and this is where the Style & Revive duo comes in.

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad hair day’ to those who have discovered TJK Organics!

We don’t do ‘hat days’ or ‘mum buns’ as a matter of course to hide away lank, greasy locks: we simply keep a compact dry shampoo and a bottle of our hair perfume at the ready.

Organic Dry Shampoo

Our Organic Dry Shampoo Is quite unlike any other that you’ll have ever used.

Not only does it smell fantastic, thanks to the aromatherapy blend of essential oils, and feel great thanks to the cooling and soothing 100% natural ingredients but it actually leaves you looking like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

That’s quite a bold statement to make, we know, but it’s totally true!

This Organic Dry Shampoo doesn’t just dry up excess oil (and your hair along with it, as with most dry shampoo products), it actually gives your hair and scalp a total refresh whilst also providing beautiful volume, texture and a divine rose scent.

We love using our dry shampoo as a styling tool too, regardless of whether your hair is freshly washed or not!

Organic Hair Perfume

Our Organic Hair Perfume is the perfect partner for our dry shampoo and together, they provide a full style & revive experience without a full hair wash in sight!

Resist the temptation to over-wash your hair by restoring life and lustre with just a few sprays, as the fresh concoction of certified organic essential oils of Neroli, Bergamot, Myrrh & Lemon lifts your spirits and leaves you smelling fabulous and the clever addition of White Tea, Nettle and Lavender enhances colour and shine and soothes the scalp.

Just like all of our hair organics, these products are designed to improve the health of your hair, not hinder.

Our alcohol-free formulation ensures that your can spritz freely without having to worry about drying out your tresses. Thanks to the 100% natural ingredients, including some of our best-selling Organic Scented Hair Oil, indulging in this perfume is purely beneficial.

Don’t limit this lovely stuff to your hair – go ahead and spray yourself all over to envelop yourself in the TJK signature scent.

When to Use

The Style & Revive duo can be used any time, any place – there is no right or wrong way to use it!

We think it’s an absolute must-have have for festival-goers and holiday-makers who want to stay looking, feeling and smelling great at all times.

A liberal dusting of the dry shampoo offers incredible body and a gentle, effortless hold for both up and down styles, whilst actually cleaning your hair without the need for water or the stripping process of shampooing. Keep your hair deodorised, hydrated, protected and free from fly-aways with a spray of the hair perfume to finish.