Hair Dilemmas Solved, Naturally: ‘What can I do heal my damaged hair?’

damaged hair

Hair Dilemmas Solved, Naturally: ‘What can I do heal my damaged hair?’

Having damaged hair is one of the most common complaints hairdressers hear about and with hair colouring, heat styling and both indoor and outdoor air pollution acting as major contributing factors, it’s no wonder. Admittedly, sometimes when the hair is in total disrepair from excess bleaching or similarly harsh treatment, it can be better to cut your losses by ditching those dead ends and opting for a gorgeous LOB or Pixie cut, focusing instead on the condition of your scalp to allow fresh, healthy hair to grow anew. However, for those of you longing to keep your length, there is hope – but it doesn’t come in the form of the synthetic ingredients you’ll often find touted as the natural additions to chemical products.

There are many big cosmetics brands who claim to be harnessing the power of nature in their haircare by allegedly including some of our favourite hair heroes: Aloe, nettle and a variety of natural oils to name a few. But unlike our products that really are made with these ingredients straight from nature, theirs are more often than not synthesised, which takes away so much of the goodness. When you combine that with the fact that they then throw in toxic ingredients that seriously damage locks (particularly fragile ones), you’re fighting a losing battle with the wrong weapon.

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So what can you do to heal your damaged hair? Is it even possible? In most cases, using Tabitha James Kraan Organics products, it is certainly salvageable.

Here’s the TJK routine we recommend for repairing badly damaged hair:

Treat with Oil

Our 100% natural 99.5% organic Scented Hair Oil is a must for damaged hair. Nutrient-rich and packed with an abundance for healing and hydrating hair heroes – this is going to inject some serious life back into those sad strands!

Our advice is to use this ‘little pot of opulence’ as an over-night pre-wash treatment 1 – 3 times per week, ready you to wash out the excess with hair cleanser or clean shampoo in your morning shower. Because all the ingredients we use are natural, this luxe oil will be slurped up by thirsty hair, really getting to the heart of the problem rather than just disguising the effects on the surface.

  • Apply 1-2 pumps to dry hair, mid-lengths to ends

  • Braid hair loosely or cover up with a silk turban for extra protection

  • Sleep soundly, soothed by the aromatherapy scent

  • In the morning, cleanse hair thoroughly to remove excess oil

When dealing with very damaged hair. its also a good idea to keep you scalp in check, to encourage healthy new growth. For this, indulge in a weekly scalp treatment:

  1. Warm 1 pump of our Scented Hair Oil in your hands
  2. Massage deeply, really getting that circulation going, 30 minutes before washing
  3. Cleanse your hair as usual
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Try our Scented Hair Oil

Wash Without Stripping

Sure, we all want lovely clean hair but stripping away all of our natural sebum? Not so much. This is what your average detergent-based shampoo does and what we are always working against.

If you’re an experienced organic haircare user, you’ll adore our Organic Cleanser which deeply cleanses the natural oils on the scalp without stripping them away, using natural soapbark. The reason we suggest this product for those who are used to natural haircare is because this is not a shampoo – as the name states, it is a gentle cleanser and it does not foam! Foam is not needed to clean the hair, in fact, foaming agents are often very drying, but we understand that if you’re used to having foam this might be something to work up to!

If you’re not ready to part with foam, we have a solution: our new Clean Shampoo. 100% natural but still offering a rich, gentle lather – perfect for use after heavy styling (although with damaged hair, you should really be avoiding that!).

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Deep Condition

A vital step for damaged hair is of course the conditioning, and we’ve got just the product for you! Our 100% natural Clean Conditioner is rich, creamy and INTENSE! Although it is a classic rinse out conditioner, the hydration is long-lasting and it only needs to be applied to where you need it.

Now, we know ordinarily styling is a no-no when trying to repair your hair but fortunately our 4-in-1 conditioner not only keeps than conditioning going as a leave-in, but it also works as a fantastic styling product. Layer it up for buildable moisture, scrunch for natural waves and enhanced curls or simply dress the ends for a flawless finish.

Avoid Over-washing

Last but not least, give you hair a chance to reap the benefits of the natural sebum you scalp produces and avoid over-washing. Thanks to our Organic Dry Shampoo, you never need to endure a bad hair day in the process.

Keep your scalp clean and your hair looking and smelling fresh with this gentle award-winning product that won’t dry your hair out.