Holistic Hairdressing: Hair That Reflects Your Present Self

holistic hairdressing

Holistic Hairdressing: Hair That Reflects Your Present Self

Whether you’re using our organic hair products or visiting our Cotswold salon, holistic hairdressing plays a huge part in everything that we strive to bring our loyal customers and clients. Great hair starts when it is designed, cared for and treated as a part of you, reflecting who you are at this present time in your life and working with you exactly how you need it to.

There’s no greater compliment than when a client leaves the salon saying that they don’t feel as though they’ve had a big change (even if they have!), they just look and feel like they’re having a really amazing hair day! With the help of the TJK Organics line and talented hairdressers, we know how to make you feel more like you than you have done in a really long time…

holistic hairdressing

We Want to Hear Your Truth


Communication is a key part of the holistic hairdressing process, to enable us to get to know the real you as much as we can, and learn who you are choosing to live in the world as today.

You’re not who you were 5 years ago and you’re not going to be the same 5 years from now, so we believe that your hair should change just as you do.

Who do you want to show the world you are, right now? We’ll help you get there.

Organic Products for Natural Beauty


Our organic hair products have been developed with holistic hairdressing in mind, bringing out the natural beauty of your locks rather than drastically altering or disguising anything.

From buildable volume with our 4-in-1 conditioner, beautiful texture and root lift with our dry shampoo and daily protection and hydration with our hair perfume and scented hair oil; we’ve got all the styling tools you need to bring out your best hair, naturally.

Moisturiser for Hair
Wet wash replacement
This is a pre-wash treatment
100% Natural Hair Perfume

Holistic Hairdressing is Tailored to You


We know that everyone is unique. More than that: we know that everyone is unique in more ways than one.

As we explored in our campaign WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS, imagining that a person is simply who you see and nothing more is naïve and short-sighted. We are not so 3 dimensional: we are multi-faceted and ever-evolving, with different elements of ourselves revealing themselves at different times in our lives.

Holistic hairdressing is an immersive haircare experience, whereby we encourage your individuality and idiosyncrasies to really shine. From hair cut to colour, from prepping to styling – we’ve got you covered and we wholeheartedly support you in being you.


Caring for You Inside & Out


We don’t just want you looking great on the outside, we make sure that you’re taken care of on the inside too. It’s no good looking gorgeous at the expense of your health and wellbeing, so we say “why compromise?”. With our award-winning organic haircare, you can take holistic hairdressing home with you and care for your body, the planet and your tresses all at once! Who says you can’t have everything?