IN THE PRESS: Natural Health Weekender


Natural Health Weekender

For the Natural Health Magazine Weekender edit, I talked about my top tips to change the behaviour of your hair. This is my area of expertise – as being an Organic Hairdresser for over 20 years, I have developed my products, techniques and rituals all around this exact topic; changing the behaviour of hair (for better, healthier and stronger hair – without ANY harm to yourself or the planet)

The ultimate hair goals that most of us would like is VERY achievable – but you simply have been over washing your hair. I often joke and say “I am the only hair dresser who would tell you to wash your hair less”.

You can easily change the behaviour of your hair by following my 3 Core Principals;

  • Oil Balancing (restoring balance to your hair’s oil production)
  • Correct Cleansing (whether with a shampoo, a cleanser, a co-washing product or even a dry shampoo)
  • Moisture Layering (your hair needs to be moisturised – just like your face!)

Watch my video down below to learn exactly how!