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Why We Used Fair Trade Accessories for Our WIW Photo-shoot

When we began putting together plans for our WARRIOR-INNOCENCE-WILDERNESS campaign, we knew that how we constructed the photo-shoot was going to be a big deal.

We were very clear on our message – demonstrating to all the women out there that who they really are, inside, is what is truly beautiful. There are no ideals and we are all so much more than one photograph could ever portray. However, we weren’t willing to stop there.

Just as our campaign is about substance, not about the way someone looks, our entire photo-shoot had to be the same; everything we used had to go hand in hand with our own brand ethics and beliefs.


We worked hard to source everything that we needed for the shoot in such a way that it would have no negative impact on our precious planet and the people in it.


From the clothes our models wore to the accessories that completed the look, everything came from local, independent shops and talent and everything was as eco-friendly as possible.

The beautiful jewellery we chose came from Stow-on-the-Wold’s very own India Mahon: a one-off store with bold accessories, handmade using Fair Trade gold and ethically sourced gem-stones. What’s not to love?!

Finding Fair Trade jewellery was a big deal to us, so we were absolutely thrilled to have India Mahon on board and to be able to share her magnificent work with you all.

What is Fair Trade Gold?

We’ve all heard the term ‘Fair Trade’ but what does this actually mean?

Unlike gold that is not Fair Trade, Fair Trade certified gold (the sort which India Mahon uses) ensures that miners will always receive a guaranteed minimum price and premium for their work and wares, as well as providing safe working conditions free from child and slave labour and free from hazardous processes which endanger both the workers and the environment.

fair trade

Why Buy Fair Trade?

Fair Trade doesn’t just stop at gold – it also applies to just about everything else, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear; so the next time you’re making a purchase, consider where the goods are coming from.

Here are 5 reason to buy Fair Trade:

fair trade

Buying Fair Trade makes a real difference to families, communities and individuals

When you make a Fair Trade purchase, like the hand-made jewellery from India Mahon, your money isn’t going into the pockets of ‘fat cats’ – it’s really going towards making the world a better place.

Miners, farmers and crafters receive an extra amount from a Fair Trade purchase, which is then channelled into their communities, education, medical care and environmental projects.

fair trade

You are making the choice to empower women and girls

Of the 1.2 billion people living of less than $1 a day, 70 percent are women. This is a horrendous fact, but a true one and just one of the many reasons why feminism is still very much needed today.

Women all over the world are working impossible hours in deplorable conditions and are the ones hit with the vast majority of unpaid work across the globe, experiencing unequal treatment, discrimination and harassment on a daily basis.

With such a large proportion of workers being female, buying Fair Trade goods greatly impacts women’s empowerment by guaranteeing access to health care and job rights, including fair pay and freedom from harassment.

Fair Trade products are free from genetically engineered ingredients

If you, like us, are concerned with the use of chemicals and pesticides and the damage they cause to our health and the environment, choose Fair Trade.

Fair Trade goods must be produced using limited amounts of pesticides, safe waste disposal and proper management of water and energy

fair trade

Make a stand against child and slave labour

Think that slave and child labour is a thing of the past? Think again. There is still a terrifying amount of this heinous crime happening and much of the produce available to buy on the high-street is actively supporting it.

On the flip-side, Fair Trade practice is fighting against it. Fair Trade farms enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and slave and child labour is strictly prohibited.


Create jobs for the world’s poorest

Poverty is rife and a huge portion of it is created by large companies taking over industries that otherwise small-scale producers would be profiting from.

With more money in their pockets and the ability to create more for less, large contracted businesses are able to undercut local farmers and crafters and take much-needed work away from them.

When you buy Fair Trade, you are supporting a higher quality of life for locals who are then able to continue working and providing for their families and communities.