Listen to your body

Listen to your body
Listen to your body

Our bodies are one of our best sources of information.

It may be a sensation of tightness in the chest, butterflies in the stomach, the tension in your neck a dull ache in your back or fire in your belly. These sensations are there for a reason and are so very important to tune into, as our bodies know exactly what they need to be nourished, fulfilled, happy and whole.

Whilst we are born innately in tune with our bodies’ signals and needs we can get ‘disconnected’ due to a variety of reasons (sometimes outside of our control). However, it is always possible to re-establish the connection with your body that is your birthright, to radically accept yourself and begin to learn what it means to listen to your body for its requests on how it wants to be treated. Your body knows how to speak to you, knows what it needs, of only you can take the healing journey to re-learn how to tune in.

How can Tabitha James Kraan Products help?

It works with your body, not against it.

By following Tabitha’s three Core Principles and using the TJK range which is made with pure, natural, and Certified Organic ingredients to support your body’s natural rhythm and create harmony where needed.

Oil Balancing

Balance scalp conditions, moisturising dry scalp irritation.
The application to an oily scalp will calm any sebaceous gland overproduction, also known as ‘The Law of Similars’.

Tabitha James Kraan Hair Oil
Correct Cleansing

Healthy hair is the foundation of great hair. By correct cleansing, the scalp’s equilibrum is maintained and excess oil production is calmed, thus balancing over time.

Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo
Moisture Layering

Most problems are caused by moisture/oil being stripped from the hair. TJK haircare enables you to replace that moisture easily and effectively building layers to achieve longevity of healthy hair.

Tabitha James Kraan 4 in 1 Conditioners