LIVE YOUR LIFE, don’t wash your hair! Not every day anyway.

LIVE YOUR LIFE, don’t wash your hair! Not every day anyway.
October 10, 2019 Tabitha James-Kraan
LIVE YOUR LIFE, don't wash your hair. Not every day anyway

Stop overwashing your hair!

You have probably heard that lots of times before, but do you know why?

If we are stripping the scalp of precious natural oil by washing it with harsh chemical detergents, we are sending our body into complete chaos and our bodies will produce way too much oil. A look of greasy hair that we don’t want so we wake up every day and wash it. Resulting in the same cycle happening over again, wash, strip, repeat. We have rewritten the book on washing hair by working in harmony with the body, not against it. The way to break this destructive cycle is to use a natural hair cleanser like our Clean Shampoo or Hair Cleanser that allows the scalp and the hair to establish its own natural equilibrium.

Do you really need to wash your hair every day, ask yourself do I need to wet wash my hair today, or would it be better to dry wash with our Dry Shampoo?

If your scalp feels itchy, dry, or has an excess amount of oil and it looks flat and lifeless, then today it’s time for a nurturing aromatherapy wet wash day. Start by washing your hair with either our Clean Shampoo, or our Hair Cleanser. Clean and harmonise your scalp and hair.

But when I do Wet Wash my hair which cleaning product is best for me?

The question that gets asked the most is what is the difference between the Clean Shampoo and the Hair Cleanser and which one to choose. Below we demystify this for you and give you some facts about both that you may not know.

Foaming into a rich, gentle lather and detoxing the hair without stripping oils from the lengths or scalp, the Clean Shampoo is the must-have product for anyone who craves the action of a ‘traditional’ professional shampoo without the nasty side effects.

The Clean Shampoo has a pure and rich formulation that will leave the hair nourished and moisturised which exceeds the expectations of a ‘Natural’ Shampoo. It is 100% Natural and over 73% of the ingredients are Certified Organic which are respectful to you and the planet, a win win!

Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo
Tabitha James Kraan Hair Cleanser

The Hair Cleanser can be used by everybody and is suitable for every hair type, simple.

It uses soapbark to gently cleanse the oil in the hair and scalp without stripping them away as traditional detergent-based shampoo does. By cleansing this way the scalp’s natural equilibrium is maintained and excess oil production is calmed, thus balancing over time. Making this a perfect solution to someone who has an oily or dry scalp and especially beneficial for anyone with curly hair.

Now you know which product is best for you, next you have a tough decision, which essential oil blend to choose: Amber Rose or Golden Citrus? Decisions, decisions…