Love yourself this valentines day and focus on self care.

Applying Organic Hair Oil
Love yourself this Valentines day
Focus on self care
About the Scented Organic Hair Oil
Amber Rose Aromatherapy scent

My amber rose aromatherapy scent is designed to give you a warm loving hug, the perfect February self-care. It will take you out of your head and bring you down to your heart energy, calming and centring you.

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day and focus on self-care. With our beautiful range of products you can truly self indulge and gift yourself to the care and nourishment you deserve.

Hair and Scalp nourishment

Our Amber Rose Hair Oil is the perfect place to start. The aromatherapy scents will help to centre you and let you relax. Remember to take time to take in those beautiful scents as part of your ritual.