Meet Tabitha James Kraan: The Woman Behind Our Award-Winning Brand

Meet Tabitha James Kraan: The Woman Behind Our Award-Winning Brand

Organic haircare used to be unheard of – an illusive idea with the stigma of perfunctory washing rather than the luxurious experience with impressive results that all TJK Organics users will equate it with today.

Now, however, the use of hair organics is becoming more widespread with even mainstream supermarkets now starting to stock some more eco-friendly and health conscious options and this is down to the pioneers of the organic cosmetics industry. Pioneers like our very own Tabitha James Kraan…

Tabitha James Kraan – The Woman Behind the Brand

Tabitha started her journey to create salon-performance hair products without the harmful chemicals nearly two decades ago, after reaching her goal of training with the very best in the hairdressing industry and opening her own salon at the young age of 23 armed with a Princes Trust loan, sheer determination and raw talent.

It wasn’t long before Tabitha realised that her true passion – her vocation – lay at a much deeper level than being ‘just another salon’:

“In 1999, whilst pregnant with my first child, I had a light bulb moment. Following a conversation with my midwife I was enlightened to the fact that what I was putting onto my body, in the form of chemical based hair dyes would be passed on to my unborn child.

Up to 60% of skin products are absorbed directly into the body, therefore up to 60% of all the chemicals I was dying my hair with would be passed on. If this was what I was exposing my body, and my child to, undoubtedly it was also putting my clients at risk.”

– Tabitha James Kraan

Upon her discovery that the products she herself was so used to using personally, as well as on her loyal clients on a daily basis were so deadly toxic and that there were no natural alternatives with the beautiful, glossy and manageable results that she wasn’t willing to compromise on, Tabitha knew that she had to create her own, organic line. And thus, Tabitha James Kraan Organics was born!

Since her revelation, nearly two decades ago, that these chemical-based products we have all so readily used can cause real harm, Tabitha has reinvented her salon, remodelled her practices and led the way in creating 100% natural organic haircare that truly goes above and beyond.

Through years of trying and testing the very best natural ingredients out there, she finally developed a range that can only be described as ‘hair alchemy’, with products that are beneficial for not only your hair, but your whole body and that deliver beautiful results unlike any other brand.

  • A Family Brand

    Tabitha James Kraan Organics is not just another faceless brand.

    Husband and wife team, Mr & Mrs J-K, are business partners, best friends and soul mates and their hair organics have been created with the wellbeing of their salon clients and their own family in mind.

    Although a self-confessed ‘hair geek’, Tabitha’s passions don’t only lie in hair. As a wife, a mother, an equestrian and the owner of two cheeky pugs, her busy days are filled with love, life and laughter as well as revolutionary business.

  • British-Made Hair Organics

    Our products are designed with the care of the whole world in mind…

    We do our bit for the planet, not only by only ever using 100% natural ingredients but also by keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum by producing all of our products here in the UK.

    When you buy Tabitha James Kraan Organics, you know that you’re getting a superior product, created using sustainable ingredients in an eco-friendly way.

  • Multi-Award Winning

    Our products are pretty amazing, but don’t just take our word for it!

    Since our official launch in 2015, we’ve scooped awards at all of the major natural beauty events across the UK, including the Natural Health International Beauty Awards, the Natural & Organic Beauty Awards Europe, the Beauty Shortlist and the Janey Lee Grace Awards.

  • Innovative Organic Haircare

    This isn’t your average haircare line – this is innovation at it’s finest.

    We’ve discarded all traditional thinking and gone back to the basics to create our groundbreaking products that have re-invented the hair-washing experience and brought into sharp focus the core principles behind beautiful, healthy hair.