Mindful Travel Tips for the Ultimate Restful Getaway

Mindful travel

Mindful Travel Tips for the Ultimate Restful Getaway

Sustainable travel is one thing to consider when you’re jetting off for your holidays, but addressing your own wellbeing is something worth thinking about too. Sure, leaving your life behind for a couple of weeks can be beneficial in many ways in and of itself (did you know that both relaxation and screen-free time can induce deeper, more restful sleep, reduced anxiety and an overall immune boost?) but adding in a few mindful practices as you go, particularly in-flight if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer, never goes amiss.

We’re all about the holistic approach here at Tabitha James Kraan HQ. From how we work with clients in our salon to come up with their dream style and colour combo to our organic hair products which are formulated to care for your mind and spirit just as much as your hair. And the same goes for everything else in our lives. When we talk about wellbeing tips, we don’t just mean things that make you feel better on the surface. We love mindfulness that addresses wellness from the inside out.


Ready for a more mindful travel experience?

mindful travel

Get your head-space in check

Whether it’s pre-holiday planning, flying nerves or just the prospect of leaving work for a stint that’s got you stressing, it’s take to take control and get yourself into holiday mode. That doesn’t mean getting the drinks in early (although if a airport mimosa is your thing, why not?!), but rather, finding the inner calm and clarity that will give you the rejuvenating break you’re hoping for.

With a world that is more connected than ever, it can be hard to step out and take time for yourself, but that’s exactly what holidays are for! Many of us need a bit of help unwinding, especially if there’s something bothering you, but luckily one of the most effective ways to do this is not only natural but a real pleasure.

Aromatherapy has been used for many thousands of years to soothe the mind, body and soul and this is the perfect method for finding your holiday Zen. We recommend carrying our Organic Hair Perfume with in in your hand luggage and your beach bag to keep your hair and skin cool and hydrated and your senses soothes with a single spritz.

Mindful travel

Comfort is king!

We all like to arrive in style, but there’s no need to do so at the cost of comfort. Even if you’re lucky enough to be in business or first, flying is not the most comfortable of experiences, so it’s always a good idea to do all you can to increase your comfort levels in other ways.

Super soft, breathable, loose fitting clothes and easy slip on and off shoes makes the perfect wardrobe.

mindful travel

Switch off to switch on

Make your holiday a screen-free zone for more mindful travel opportunities. It’s a technological age and our days are plagued with phones, I-pads, laptops and TVs. There’s just no escaping it and our wellbeing really suffers as a result. When we feel in constant contact, it’s impossible for us to really switch off and be present in the moment, so the moment you’re on the plane switch the screens off and your mind on.


Try this simple mindful exercise to become present:

Bringing your awareness to your breath helps to clear your mind and release anxiety – the first steps towards being present in the moment. Mouth-breathing triggers a subtle anxiety response, so the trick with deliberate and focused breath is to take a deep, steady inhalation and the release it slowly through your nose, focusing on nothing but the process at hand.

Continue this conscious breathing. Don’t try to suppress or ignore the distracting thoughts that will inevitably enter your head. Instead, hear them, acknowledge them and then deliberately let them pass, always coming back to your breath and what you are doing right there, in the moment. The goal is to reach a place in your mind and body where you are accepting of everything around you, internally and externally, yet you cling to nothing. Simply exist, let go and be.

Hair Moisturiser

Hydrate for improved focus

Flying is incredibly dehydrating, so it’s important to sip water throughout your flight to keep your mind alert and your body healthy. Your skin and hair will suffer too, if you don’t take action!

Luckily our 4-in-1 Conditioner is wonderfully thirst-quenching for your hair, so apply a few pumps on dry hair and soak up the natural goodness!