The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products: Moisture Layering

First principle to great hair is oil balancing

The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products: Moisture Layering

The third and final principle behind the efficacy of our award-winning hair care is moisture layering.

Almost all hair complaints come down to one thing: those locks are mighty dehydrated! From heat styling, to air pollution, to oil stripping through excess washing or the use of harsh hair products; there are many reasons why your tresses might be lacking the basic moisture it needs to not only look its best, but be truly healthy too.

Dry hair is porous hair and porous hair is frizzy, flyaway and seriously lacking in shine. Porous hair is rough with raised cuticles and when this is not healed through a rejuvenating hair routine (like the one we suggest) even the most hydrating products on the market will give you minimal results – yes, moisture is easily absorbed into the wide open shaft, but it is lost just as easily too.

Through our carefully developed three principles, we aim to rebalance you hair and scalp and bring it back to it’s original, healthy state, naturally. Our products are designed to genuinely heal your hair from the inside out for good, not just patch up problem areas temporarily, as is the case with synthetic alternatives.

Third Core Principle - Moisture Layering

Soothe and repair your damaged hair and scalp with three Tabitha James Kraan Organics principles.

Read on for more on Moisture Layering and view our previous blogs on Correct Cleansing and Oil Balancing to start your new routine today!

The first TJK Principle to Great Hair
This is not Shampoo

What is Moisture Layering?

With most hair problems being caused by moisture being stripped, all of our products are designed to replace that moisture in readily absorbed layers.

Product build-up comes with its own host of issues too and the amount of moisture you need in your hair will depend on what type of hair you have. By layering moisture through buildable, conditioning products that can be tailored to suit your needs, you avoid running the risk of weighing your hair down and overdoing it and instead, you’re left with manageable, healthy happy locks.

Unlike with your average shampoo and conditioner, we don’t believe in stripping oils off and then replacing them. Even our new non-toxic foaming shampoo cleans without drying!

When you use Tabitha James Kraan Organics, you’re injecting each strand with thirst-quenching natural oils and other organic, hydrating ingredients every step of the way. It’s not just our conditioners and hair oil that leave your hair moisturised: Our Organic Hair Cleanser contains a sumptuous pump of our luxury Scented Organic Hair Oil and our Organic Hair Perfume is designed to hydrate too (there’s not a smidge of alcohol or drying, chemical scent present!).

moisture layering

How Will Moisture Layering Affect My Hair?

Through moisture layering with our organic haircare, you will achieve truly healthy hair that lasts.

Each and every strand on your head with carry the weight it is supposed to and as a result the cuticles will lie sleek and smooth with medium porosity for minimal frizz and maximum product effectiveness.

Why Clean Conditioner Hair Tip by Tabitha

Which TJK Organics Products Are Best for Moisture Layering?

Every step of the way on your Tabitha James Kraan Organics journey, you will be providing your hair with exactly the moisture it needs to look its very best.

For super-hydration we suggest combining our brand new non-toxic conditioner, used in the shower as a deep treatment mask, with our classic award-winning 4-in-1 formula layered on top as an all-natural styling creme.