My story and why I created my high performance organic haircare line

the Tabitha James-Kraan story

My story and why I created my high-performance organic haircare line

I was born into an ‘organic’ home when organic just meant growing your own pesticide-free vegetables and rearing livestock. My mum was a hairdresser and I would be dragged around with her on occasions as a small child and I can distinctly remember the chemical smells of the perm solutions and hating it! Despite this I still became a hairdresser myself; as a young excited hair artist I fully immersed myself into training with the brightest talents of the time and developed a passion for learning.

It was later whilst pregnant with my first child in back in 1999, that my understanding changed. At this point, I really became aware of the hugely negative impact that the chemicals I was using on my own hair and my that of my client’s every day, was having on our bodies and the environment. I had my own salon by then and I immediately everything about the way we worked and took my clients and staff on the journey with me.

my story by Tabitha James-Kraan
Tabitha James-Kraan in her Cotswold Office Studio

I am a hair “Geek”

My experience became a blend of art and science. I have always been interested in the fabric of hair, I believe it is as delicate as cashmere and that we should rethink how we take care of it. I discovered early on my journey as an organic hairdresser that our hair behaves very differently if the formulation of the product used is truly pure and natural. I also discovered that the bodies response to a product is totally different if a product formulation is truly natural rather than just containing some natural and or organic botanicals. In other words, for me, it is the removal of synthetic chemicals in a formulation that is key to the performance of natural and organic products. This is why we aim for 100% natural in our formulations, not naturally derived or nature identical and then as many of the ingredients that can be organic are so and certified as such to verify their authenticity. We think about where all of our ingredients come from, how they are grown and how they are produced to ensure no synthetic chemical contamination.

Our products are all about performance. However, I didn’t want to compromise in any way, I wanted the consumer experience to feel luxurious, indulgent and ritualistic. We have given our products a choice of scents which are developed by expert aromatherapists to deliver an uplifting feeling whilst using the products as well as an exquisite scent. The packaging is both eco and luxurious by design, each product looks beautiful in your home and delivers game-changing results.