Nurtured by Nature: The Story Behind Our Ethos & Organic Haircare


Nurtured by Nature: The Story Behind Our Ethos & Organic Haircare

We believe that hair thrives when it is nurtured by nature and that is the foundation we have built our entire brand on.

From award-winning organic hair products, developed using 100% natural ingredients to environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing processes, we always keep the wellbeing of Mother Earth in mind just as much as that of the lovely people reaping the rewards of using TJK Organics.

The story behind our ethos is simple: For us, caring about the planet is a given – human beings are part of the natural world; we are one species amongst millions and have evolved to be a part of nature, not apart from it. With this in mind, we have created hair organics that work in harmony with nature, during development, whilst using and even after washing away. We’re abundantly aware of our own, individual impact on the natural world and even more so of our impact as a company, so we work extra hard to make sure that our organic, British-made products are as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising on salon-quality results – the epitome of eco-luxe!

Our organic hair products offer more than glossy locks: they offer solutions. Solutions to many, common hair and scalp problems that are largely caused by the use of synthetic haircare containing high levels of harmful, chemical ingredients and solutions to the damage those same chemicals do to our planet and wildlife.

British Made

In 1993 Tabitha opened her first salon and in 1999, whilst pregnant with her first child, she electrified the hair industry by going all organic and she’s never looked back. With our luxury, organic salon going strong in Stow on the Wold, bringing Big City chic to the picturesque Cotswold countryside, when Tabitha created her own line of hair organics in 2013 it only made sense to keep production close to home.

By keeping our products British made, we are able to keep our air-miles and carbon footprint to a minimum; ensure safe, fair trade and equal opportunity manufacturing and keep a close eye on the quality so that our range is always the very best standard possible.


Organic Farming of Sustainable Ingredients

Choosing organic farming of sustainable ingredients, whether that’s for crops, meat, clothing or cosmetics, is one of the best and easiest things you can do to contribute to a safer, cleaner world. We use organic ingredients wherever possible not only to to our bit for nature but also so that we know our haircare is truly chemical free (pesticides and GMO included!) and the very best we can get!

Read more about why choosing organic matters on our blog ‘Why Does Organic Beauty Matter?’


Never Tested on Animals

It’s a no-brainer for us that our products would never be tested on animals and we’re openly against any brand that disagrees!


Eco-Friendly Packaging

It’s not just the products themselves that affects the planet, the packaging is a pretty big deal too.

With the current stats standing at around 2.12 BILLION tonnes of waste being dumped in landfills every year, it only makes sense to use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging for our organic haircare.

Nurtured by Nature

We do our bit to look after the planet and in return, she does the same for us. When you use our products you are quite literally being nurtured by nature, as we put the best natural ingredients to great use.

From plants and crops that are close to home, such as oats, rosehip, potato and nettle to exotic goodies like coconut and argan oil, myrrh and goji berry, our products are packed with some of nature’s hair super heroes


Environmentally Safe

Our responsibility to the planet doesn’t stop once we’ve made our products. The affects of what we use in the bath and shower continues to impact marine life, wildlife and the environment once it’s washed away down the drain too.

The chemicals used in regular shampoos and conditioners are known to cause serious problems for our oceans, land and the animals that live there which is why when you choose to use our 100% natural organic hair cleanser and organic 4-in-1 conditioner instead, you’re helping the world in a valuable way.