Rinse Out Conditioner Vs Leave-in: Which Organic Conditioner Should You Be Using?

Clean Conditioner Amber Rose and Golden Citrus

Rinse Out Conditioner Vs Leave-in: Which Organic Conditioner Should You Be Using?

Style on the move with the multi-functional conditioner

With the underlying cause of pretty much every hair complaint being a lack of moisture in those locks, it seemed an obvious part of the development process when making our products that every step should be about restoring balance and moisture, never about stripping it away. The TJK way is all about moisture layering, starting with a pre-wash treatment with oil Scented Organic Hair Oil, followed by a super gentle cleanse with our Organic Cleanser and then finish with conditioning and styling with our 4-in-1 Conditioner. But now with our new, intensely hydrating Clean conditioner on the scene and of course, the fact that you can choose whether to use our 4-in-1 conditioner as a rinse out OR leave in, you’re faced with a dilemma – which type of organic conditioner is for you?

If you’ve been following the TJK Real Hair Stories, you’ll probably have started to realise that none of hair products stick to hard and fast rules and we’ve designed them that way, deliberately. We’re all unique and we’ve all got different hair. Sure, there are hair types, and that helps to narrow things down, but at the end of the day to achieve the hair you want you really need haircare that is as individual as you are. This is just one of the ways we feel bog-standard shampoos and conditioners on the high street let you all down – there’s no wiggle room, there’s no freedom, there’s no way to make those products your own. But with ours, you can.

Because of this, there is no one answer as to which type of organic conditioner you should be using. What it comes down to is what your hair wants and that might even change from day to day! But although we’re not going to stick you in a box labelled with your conditioning needs, what we will do is explain how you can use our conditioners, what the results are and how that might affect different hair types. From there, you are the best judge.

4-in-1 Organic Conditioner

As you can probably guess from the name, our 4-in-1 organic conditioner is multi-functional, making it the perfect addition to every haircare routine for any hair type – you just need to find the way it works best for you.

The great thing about this product is that it is light yet very moisturising and most importantly, it is buildable. Thin, fine hair? Start with a couple of pumps, work it through and add more if you need it. Thick, unruly curls? Layer it up, leave it in and get some seriously smooth definition…

As a Rinse Out

The 4-in-1 works brilliantly as a rinse out if you’re after some maintenance moisture – nothing too heavy, just a little dose of all-natural luxury to keep your strands happy, healthy and 100% in check.


As a Leave In

Leave the 4-in-1 in your hair for hydration that keeps on giving all day long. Not only will keeping this lovely product on your locks offer 24/7 protection that you can touch up as and when you need to, but it will also serve as a wonderful styling product that gives light hold and buildable volume. Simply tousle a few pumps through, take a look at the result, add more until you’ve achieved the desired result!

Clean Conditioner Golden Citrus by Tabitha James Kraan

Clean Conditioner

Our Clean range are the new kids on the block and many of our loyal TJK customers are now majorly crushing on the intense and creamy conditioner. Use this beautifully scented product as a mask in the shower once or twice a week when your hair needs some extra TLC. You don’t need much – just apply where you need it most and rinse.


Use Them Both!

For those of you with very dry, chemically treated or curly hair, you’ll love using both of these products together for a double whammy of hydration.



We encourage TJK fans to find their own way of using our award-winning organic products to suit your needs. The natural ingredients and multi-functional nature of our products mean that you can have fun discovering a TJK routine that really works for you. Take a look at Cath’s Real Hair Story to read about how she uses both of our conditioners (and even sometimes uses the Clean conditioner as a leave in too!).