Stay Fresh at Festivals. Embrace Beachy Waves. Meet Your New BFF for Summer…

organic dry shampoo

Stay Fresh at Festivals. Embrace Beachy Waves. Meet Your New BFF for Summer…

Gone are the days of bad hair on the beach and a flat, frizzy mess at festivals. No shower? No problem. We’ve got a solution that will not only have your locks looking incredible in an instant, but they’ll feel and smell fresh too. No, it’s not some divine miracle: it’s our award-winning Organic Dry Shampoo.

With just a pump of the non-aerosol spray or a shake of the full-size duster, you can expect hair that is full of life, volume and texture and feels as good as it looks too. But aside from the impressive results, what really sets this product apart from other dry shampoos out there…?

About Organic Dry Shampoo by Tabitha James Kraan

It’s 100% natural

As with all of the products in the Tabitha James Kraan Organics range, you won’t find a single chemical present in this dry shampoo and that right there is something you don’t come across every day.

Instead of the usual alcohol, petroleum and magnesium stearate found in the majority of non-organic dry shampoos, we use the likes of rice powder, potato starch and a proprietary blend of soothing, refreshing and uplifting essential oils. The result? Beautiful hair without the harm.

organic dry shampoo

It actually cleans your hair…

The name ‘dry shampoo’ might give you the impression that what you’re left with is cleaner hair, but ordinarily this product simply absorbs the excess oil, until you’re ready to wash it all out.

With our dry shampoo, you are in fact ‘washing’ your hair. Maybe not with water, but with the gentle cleansing powers of chestnut, tapioca and bicarbonate of soda. This is a very important point in our view, as we encourage everyone to use their TJK dry shampoo not just as a ‘quick fix’ to avoid a bad hair day, but also to go longer in between traditional washes and allow your natural oils to rebalance your scalp, the way nature intended.

We all know that a couple of days into a festival goes hand-in-hand with a kind of grubby feeling, but with this nifty little handbag must-have, your hair play will play no part in that!

organic dry shampoo

The more your use, the bigger your style! 

Heat-styling is best avoided in general, but this is even more important than usual during the summer months. That hot sun beating down is enough to cause your hair some distress and blasting it with a hairdryer or using tongs and straighteners is going to make for some seriously dehydrated tresses.

Fortunately, heat-styling for big volume is not required when armed with our Organic Dry Shampoo! All you need to do is layer, massage and tousle until you reach the look you’re after. You’ll be amazed at what it can do…

It offers sun protection for your hair

If you’re spending the day lounging on the beach or by the pool, you’ll no doubt have protected your skin from the sun, but what about your hair?

Hair gets damaged by harmful UV rays too and whilst a hat is probably wise in that hot mid-day sun, you can give yourself just one more reason to keep your hair looking gorgeous all day with our dry shampoo – it offers a degree of sunscreen.

The white tea leaf that we include in our dry shampoo delivers a dose of anti-oxidants to the hair and unlike other teas (which also have anti-oxidant properties) this stuff contains a type called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG inhibits UV radiation-induced oxidative stress to reduce oxidative damage to cellular DNA while simultaneously boosting levels of anti-oxidant defence enzymes – amazing!

organic dry shampoo