Organic Dry Shampoo

Organic Dry Shampoo

The don’t-leave-home-without-it dry shampoo that the world’s been waiting for

This is dry shampoo’s moment; its coming of age. Generally considered the poor relation of any hair care regime, it has been elevated to a key player with respected credentials in Tabitha James Kraan’s range of organic hair products.

Traditionally, dry shampoo is employed more out of necessity than choice on those should-have-washed-this-morning days. A second best solution to a bad hair day.

Tabitha James Kraan has elevated the lowly dry shampoo to an alchemic masterpiece. It cleans beautifully, leaving the hair full of volume and freshness, free of oily looking roots; it refreshes the hair, prolonging the style or blow-dry, whilst delivering the most divine scent. It does so much more than it says on the tin.

In addition to emergency use, Tabitha advocates employing her organic dry shampoo as part of a cunning care routine, stretching the time between shampoos, and allowing the hair to enjoy the enviable rewards of regained natural equilibrium – high gloss, bounce and healthy body.

Frequent washing with a detergent based cleanser strips the hair of its natural oil, and the sebum glands in the scalp go into overdrive to try and replace it. The result is a greasy parting, and the necessity for more frequent washing – a frustrating and destructive self-perpetuating cycle of hair misery.

TJK Organic Dry Shampoo is packed full of botanical gorgeousness including burdock, nettle and comfrey which are blended with the cleansing powers of certified organic chestnut powder, tapioca powder, and natural bicarbonate of soda, a virtuoso of a recipe, finished off with a luscious infusion of organic essential oils, and not a chemical in sight.

How to use the Dry Shampoo

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