Organic Hair Cleanser

Our hair cleansers are designed to balance all hair and scalp conditions, using our oil balancing principle.

TJK Organic Hair Cleansers are the cornerstone of Tabitha James Kraan’s range of organic hair products.
They’re based on the first of organic hair guru Tabitha’s three main principles:

Cleansing without stripping out the natural oils, allowing the scalp to reach its own equilibrium

Frequent washing with a detergent based cleanser strips the hair of its natural oil, and the sebum glands in the scalp go into overdrive to try and replace it. The result is a greasy parting, and the necessity for more frequent washing – a frustrating and destructive self-perpetuating cycle of hair misery.

The way to break the cycle is to use a natural cleanser that allows the scalp and the hair to establish its own natural equilibrium.

TJK Organic Hair Cleansers gently and naturally cleanse the hair using a very effective ingredient from the inner bark of the Soapbark tree. The cleansers also contain a potent shot of TJK signature hair oil that delivers a fine layer with every wash to nourish and protect each strand of hair.

Other ingredients include oat milk for its moisturising properties; it softens the hair and helps to heal any scalp conditions. Aloe Vera, with its similar composition to Keratin the hair’s naturally occurring protein, is a high performance ingredient that effectively provides moisture by penetrating the hair shaft.

How to use the Hair Cleanser