Organic Hair Perfume

The yardstick for fantastic hair is generally considered to be fabulous looks; but that’s not quite the full story.
Delicious smelling hair adds the essential punctuation to a great hair day.
Always in motion, hair constantly diffuses its own smell, so why limit great smelling hair days to shampoo days?

TJK Organic Hair Perfume is a big hitter when it comes to sweet smelling sparkle;
packed full of organic botanical joy it pushes all the right olfactory buttons.

Hair perfume is of course all about smell. Isn’t it?

It’s mostly about smell, but there are other benefits. All my organic hair products are designed, at some level, to encourage less frequent washing, allowing the scalp and hair to reach its own healthy equilibrium. Hair perfume clouts a big punch in this department because, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, much of our hair washing is done for freshness and perfume purposes as opposed to straightforward cleaning purposes.

Divinely perfumed freshness comes in abundance with essential oils of neroli and bergamot; but there’s also a clever injection of white tea and nettle to enhance colour and texture; lavender to soothe the scalp, and Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone for its mind-calming properties.

The result is a hair product that cheers up the saddest hair day, discourages the temptation to over-wash, hydrates and restores life and energy, and smells so exquisite its use should by no means be restricted to the tresses.

How to use the Organic Hair Perfume