The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products: Oil Balancing

organic hair products

The 3 Principles of our Organic Hair Products: Oil Balancing

With nearly two decades dedicated to creating high performance organic hair products that leave you with salon-worthy locks, we’re not shy to admit that we really know our stuff when it comes to great hair, achieved naturally. Each and every piece of the Tabitha James Kraan Organics range is a joy to use on it’s own, but combined, they yield results that are really something quite special. There really is a science to luscious locks.

Developed to work together, harnessing the power of botanicals, our organic hair products follow the three core principles that Tabitha James Kraan believes beautiful hair is founded on:

  • 1. Oil Balancing

  • 2. Correct Cleansing

  • 3. Moisture Layering

We don’t just focus on hair. We know that a truly gorgeous mane is based on health and so this is really where our passion lies. Our products go so much deeper than just surface aesthetics – we concentrate on creating balance on the scalp, down the hair shaft and throughout the body for a more holistic approach to beauty.

To truly understand what set our organic hair products apart from the rest (aside from the pure and honest ingredients, divine aromatherapy scents and gorgeous results!) you need to get acquainted with our unique 3-step system, designed to bring out the very best in your hair.

Great Hair is Based on Three Principles

In a series of three in-depth blogs, we’re going to introduce you to the fundamental principles on which our organic hair products were created. First up: Oil Balancing.

organic hair products

What is Oil Balancing?

We all know that hair starts at the scalp: it’s where it grows from, therefore it should be obvious that this is where the process of beautiful hair should begin. However, despite this being clear to see, most hair care still focuses all of the attention on the lengths but if this is growing from an unbalanced scalp then essentially you’re fighting an already lost battle. You’ve got the start at the root of the situation, literally.

Through over-washing and the daily use of chemicals, scalps all over the world are stripped of the natural oils that is the foundation of beautiful, healthy hair. The constant fight to keep excess oil at bay has resulted in near obsessive scrubbing, lathering and stripping which, ironically, only makes the problem worse. No-one like greasy hair, but newsflash: oil is not the enemy.

Oil balancing is all about the ‘Law of Similars’: keeping the scalp calm, soothed and moisturised so that it knows there’s no need to produce extra oil. All of that overproduction of sebum is just your poor body trying to help! The more you strip and dry out, the more oil your scalp will produce and the cycle continues. Tabitha James Kraan Organics products are made using only natural ingredients that are extra gentle on the scalp and hydrating every step of the way. With a little support from our organic hair products, your scalp will find it’s natural balance and in turn, start producing stronger, glossier and more manageable hair.

organic hair products

How Will Oil Balancing Affect My Hair?

So, we now know that through oil balancing, you’ll get a happy healthy scalp and from a happy healthy scalp comes happy healthy hair, but what does that really mean?

Keeping the correct moisture balance helps to strengthen and build up long-term protection for each strand. Natural oils, like the TJK Organics blend, are readily absorbed into the hair lengths unlike synthetic oils which sit on top, coating rather than penetrating and healing from within.

The result? Hair with life, lustre and buoyancy. Hair with deep, rich colour and a varnish shine. Hair that is hydrated, protected and smoothed without being weighed down. Sounds good, right?

Which TJK Organics Products Are Best for Oil Balancing?

All of our products are super-gentle on the hair and scalp and they work together in perfect unison to provide your hair and scalp with the care and balance it deserves.

It’s our Scented Organic Hair Oil that is our Oil Balancing Hero though, packed full of deeply nourishing and scalp soothing ingredients such as safflower oil, sea buckthorn, goji berry and ylang ylang, hand-picked to revive, restore and repair the hair and literally feed the scalp with everything it needs to be its best self.