Is Organic Haircare Right for Me? Support Natural Beauty from Within…

organic haircare

Is Organic Haircare Right for Me? Support Natural Beauty from Within…

With more and more damning information on the synthetic ingredients used in ‘standard’ hair products becoming available and the knowledge that natural products really are the safest option for you and your family steadily on the rise, people are starting to question the toxic cosmetics and toiletries they use and wonder:

Is Organic Haircare Right for Me?

In short, the answer is and can only ever be a big, resounding “YES”!

At TJK Organics, we know that chemical-based beauty products affect us in the same way that environmental and nutritional toxins do, leaving our whole bodies at a deficit.

The skin is a porous membrane and anything we rub on it enters into the whole body just as if we had swallowed it. In fact, the skin is so good at taking anything we rub on it and delivering it all through our bodies, that many powerful, modern drugs are administered via the smallest of skin patches, just like nicotine or contraceptive patches. This is why natural hair and skin care is an absolute must for all the family and especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as Tabitha discovered when she first started on her journey, creating high performance, 100% natural hair products after falling pregnant with her first child in 1999.

organic haircare

Your sensitive scalp and your entire body is under attack every time you shampoo and condition your hair with chemical products.

If you’ve never thought about whether your shampoo and conditioner are at the root cause of your health problems, now is the time to start!

The chemicals that are so freely used in toxic shampoos and conditioners have now been proven, time and again, to have serious detrimental side affects, from general inflammation and irritation to more dire symptoms, such as asthma, depleted immune system, hormonal disruption and even a decrease in IQ.

We don’t pretend that the skin on your head is not permeable or that it is separated somehow from the skin on the rest of your body or from your body as a whole.  Our scalp contains the highest concentration of hair follicles on the body and therefore is an open orifice straight into the blood stream, not somewhere we should be putting harmful chemicals.  Our organic health care is holistic, in that we use many natural plant extracts that are known for their health benefits so that when our products enter your system through the scalp, they work in harmony with your body.

When you think of it like that, it’s a simple choice! We think so anyway and that’s why we offer products that support beauty from within. Beauty that comes from whole body health and natural balance.

organic haircare

What About the Environment?

Organic haircare isn’t only the clear choice that is better for your hair and body, it’s also the best option when it comes to protecting the environment.

All of our multi-award winning products are created with the planet in mind, from sourcing sustainable ingredients and packaging, to never testing on animals, we’re well aware of our obligation to keep our world clean and well and we do all that we can to meet those needs.

When developing our organic haircare, our conscientious thought process doesn’t stop at when the product leaves your locks, we consider what happens once it’s been washed down the drain too!


Human beings are part of the natural world; we are one species amongst millions and have evolved to be part of nature, not apart from it.


Once rinsed away, your shampoo and conditioner make their way back into the world and when the ingredients are natural, this poses no problem at all. However, the chemicals used in synthetic products have an incredibly harmful impact on marine life, wildlife, the ocean and crops and plants too, so when you choose organic or non-organic products, you’re making a decision for mother nature too.

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