Try the Clean Range Sample Set

Try the Clean Range Sample Set

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“The Clean Range”

When we say ‘natural’, we really mean natural. SLS and Paraben free is kind of a no-brainer.
To us, natural is pure, fresh, certified organic Aloe Vera juice squeezed straight from the plant, vacuum sealed and sent to us to make the base of our Clean Range products. Natural is a truly 100% non-toxic preservative system. Natural is NO synthetic ingredients whatsoever. Natural is post-consumer recycled fully recyclable packaging. Natural is Tabitha James Kraan Organics.


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This is a pre-wash treatment

Scented Organic Hair Oil Sample (3ml)

Restore, protect and polish the hair with this expertly formulated nutrient-rich and gloriously scented Organic Hair Oil. Use before washes, as a treatment or wear to varnish, moisturise and nurture hair that has been stressed by lifestyle and styling.

  • For the best results, apply as a treatment;
    • Apply 1-2 pumps, dependant on hair length, to wet or dry hair.
    • Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes.
    • Cleanse the hair thoroughly to remove the excess oil.
    • For a really nourishing effect leave in overnight.
  • Use sparingly as a daily protection to the mid-lengths and ends;
    • Apply a micro amount and warm thoroughly between your palms until the oil has started to absorb into your hands.
    • Apply the micro amount of oil to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.
    • It will give the hair weight, body and shine, whilst protecting and increasing moisture balance.

The oil will give weight and volume to fine hair and a smooth silky glossy finish to thick hair. It will make everyone’s hair glossy and richer in colour, stronger, protected and easier to blow-dry or style.

Clean Shampoo Golden Citrus  (10ml)

A Professional, certified organic shampoo, designed to detox heavy products & toxins, with it’s rich, gentle lather. Suitable for all hair types.

  • Brush hair well, with a pure bristle brush
  • Wet hair thoroughly and apply evenly to the scalp & root area of the hair.
  • Massage and rinse thoroughly
  • Repeat if needed.
  • Follow with a TJK Conditioner.

Clean Conditioner Amber Rose  (10ml)

A professional, certified organic, intense Conditioner that will give your hair a deep injection of moisture in one clean hit!
For very dry hair use with our 4-1 conditioner as your styling product.


This is such a deep injection of moisture, you can apply it only where you need it.

  • Apply ONLY to mid-lengths and ends after washing
  • Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse & Style as desired


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