Try the Hair Cleanser Sample Set

Try the Hair Cleanser Sample Set

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4.875 out of 5

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“The 3 Principles”

 Developed to work together, harnessing the power of botanicals, this set of samples of organic hair products follow the three core principles that Tabitha James Kraan believes beautiful hair is founded on:
1. Oil Balancing : The Scented Organic Hair Oil
2. Correct Cleansing : The Organic Hair Cleanser
3. Moisture Layering : The 4-in-1 Organic Conditioner

Keeping the correct moisture balance in place enables each strand of hair to be more malleable and move freely, leading to maximum control, and fabulously buoyant hair that is full of life and lustre.

It will make your hair look and feel younger.

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This is a pre-wash treatment
This is not Shampoo
Moisturiser for hair

Scented Organic Hair Oil Sample (3ml)

Restore, protect and polish the hair with this expertly formulated nutrient-rich and gloriously scented Organic Hair Oil. Use before washes, as a treatment or wear to varnish, moisturise and nurture hair that has been stressed by lifestyle and styling.

  • For the best results, apply as a treatment;
    • Apply 1-2 pumps, dependant on hair length, to wet or dry hair.
    • Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes.
    • Cleanse the hair thoroughly to remove the excess oil.
    • For a really nourishing effect leave in overnight.
  • Use sparingly as a daily protection to the mid-lengths and ends;
    • Apply a micro amount and warm thoroughly between your palms until the oil has started to absorb into your hands.
    • Apply the micro amount of oil to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.
    • It will give the hair weight, body and shine, whilst protecting and increasing moisture balance.

The oil will give weight and volume to fine hair and a smooth silky glossy finish to thick hair. It will make everyone’s hair glossy and richer in colour, stronger, protected and easier to blow-dry or style.

Organic Hair Cleanser Golden Citrus  (10ml)

Soothes and balances the scalp, calms excessive oil production, has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and moisturising properties.

  • Brush Hair
  • Wet hair thoroughly.
  • Apply 8 to 16 pumps per wash to the root area of the hair and scalp (depending on hair thickness). The pump delivers a small amount to give you control of the application.
  • Massage into the scalp.
  • Rinse thoroughly / Repeat if needed.
  • Follow with our 4-in-1 Organic Conditioner.

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose  (10ml)

Harnessing the restorative and structuring properties of oats, infused with our signature blend of hair oils to protect and create manageable, soft hair without any build-up, Infusing the hair with deep moisture in a way that is designed to be layered.

  • As a traditional conditioner. Apply to wet hair & comb through. Leave 2-10 minutes then rinse.
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner. Apply 1 pump to the mid-lengths and ends of wet or dry hair.
  • Use as a scalp moisturiser for a dry/flaky scalp. Apply topically where needed.
  • Use as a high performance styling tool to smooth, texturise, volumise and enhance curls. Apply a minimum of 3 pumps to wet hair and style accordingly. Build multiple layers to plump the hair. Be brave! For bigger hair apply multiple layers.


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