What’s So Great About Our Organic Scented Hair Oil?

What’s So Great About Our Organic Scented Hair Oil?

Our Organic Scented Hair Oil is award-winning for a reason!

Dubbed ‘youth dew’ for your hair by our avid fans and crowned winner of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award, ‘Finalist’ in the Beauty Shortlist Awards and ‘Highly Commended’ in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards, you might be starting to wonder “what’s so special about this product?”…

It’s 100% Natural

With more than 99% certified organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients our Organic Scented Hair Oil strengthens and protects hair without a chemical in sight!

Instead of introducing toxins to your system, we do quite the opposite. By packing our products full of powerful anti-oxidants, our luxurious oil helps to battle free radicals and reduce your exposure to the harmful effects you’ve been subjected to in other chemical-based products, non-organic produce and pollutants.

Thanks to the entirely natural ingredients, this oil is easily absorbed into your hair, meaning that you’re really reaping the benefits of these organic goodies deep in the structure of your hair strands and on your scalp too.

This is very different to the results you’ll get from products that rely on synthetics, as these types of ingredients only have a short term effect while you use it, but not in the long term. Our oil and our other products too, are designed to naturally calm and regulate your scalp’s sebum production for the perfect moisture balance, meaning happier, healthier hair for life.

It’s a Nourishing Pre-Wash Treatment  

Designed as a Pre-Wash Treatment to smooth, strengthen and moisturise at the core whilst also protecting and giving hair a big boost in weight, body and shine, our organic scented hair oil provides the ultimate in natural care for all hair types.

Using an exquisite blend of five organic oils to restore and rebalance, a little goes a very long way – just 1 or 2 pumps is enough for deep nourishment from root to tip (whether you opt for an intensive overnight treatment or quick-fix for a salon worthy finish) and will leaves your locks glossy, fuller and a dream to style.

The oils used to create this opulent treatment have the unique ability to create a deep shine that deepens and enriches the colour of your hair too – both natural and dyed. 

Rebalance and Restore: Blend of 5 Organic Oils

safflower seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, argan kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil, coconut kernel oil

This is a pre-wash treatment

It’s Aromatherapy Scented

We’ve taken our decadent products one step further when it comes to scent.

Unlike other organic haircare brands, we appreciate that you don’t want to give up smelling great to use natural products and we don’t think that there’s any reason to compromise!

Our Organic Scented Hair Oil smells divine, both in the bottle and on the hair and what’s more – it lasts.

Using an incredible mix of delicious essential oils, we’ve created our signature TJK scent with an expert aromatherapist, so that our oil won’t just leave you looking and smelling amazing, you’ll feel it too.

The uplifting yet relaxing and woodsy combination of geranium oil, rose flower oil, orange peel oil, neroli flower oil, lemon peel oil and benzoin resin extract makes for a natural perfume so good that you’ll want to wear it on your skin too and guess what? You can!

organic scented hair oil

It’s Superfood for Your Hair

We use a good dose of goji berry fruit extract in our Organic Scented Hair Oil for it’s one-of-a-kind ability to quite literally feed your hair and combat toxins and any inflammation.

When we design our hair products, we’re not just thinking about aesthetics. Every single product in our range is created with the goal of healthy hair and a healthy scalp in mind, so being nutrient-rich is a must.

Including this impressive little super-berry in our hair oil gives your locks an injection of vitality, leaving your hair full of life and lustre.

Tabitha’s Signature Amethyst Stone

Each bottle of our Organic Scented Hair Oil contains it’s own Amethyst stone at the bottom and although this does look really pretty on your dressing table, there’s actually more to it than that!

Take a look at our blog on the power of crystals to find out how this beautiful addition can have a huge, positive impact on your health and wellbeing.