Ways to Celebrate Organic September #1: Ditch The ‘Dirty Dozen’

organic september

Ways to Celebrate Organic September #1: Ditch The ‘Dirty Dozen’

Summer flew by in what seemed like a (very hot) fleeting instant, and although we’re sad to see those long, sunny days take the back seat as autumn appears on the horizon we’re just as excited as ever. Why? Well, autumn alone bring all sorts of wonder – the buzzing turning of seasons, the beautiful transition of changing leaves and the occasional cosy jumper and may even a delicious organic hot chocolate! But aside from all those jollies, it also marks the beginning of a very special month for us lovers of all things organic. It’s Organic September.

It’s always a good time to shout about why choosing organic everything is a great idea, but Organic September gives us all that little extra push to really get the word out and find out what’s up in the organic world.

Brought to us by the Soil Association (an initiative we’re very proud to be certified by), you can expect a month packed full of reams of exclusive organic offers, top tips, mythbusters and plenty of easy to read (and easy to share) information on why we should all choose organic at every opportunity.

organic september

What’s On?

There’s so much happening all across the UK for Organic September. From the GO! Organic Festival in Battersea, London (where you’ll find Tabitha giving a talk on how simple changes to your hair routine can help reduce pollution), farm and orchard open days and a whole host of amazing organic pop-ups. There are also tonnes of fantastic competitions and giveaways, giving you the chance to bag loads of organic goodies and lots of inspiration for an all organic lifestyle.

organic september

Bring It Home

However, fun though the Organic September events may be, you don’t have to go anywhere to celebrate or show your support. There are many ways that you can organic your September, some of which we’ll be filling you in on over the course of the month…

Tip #1: Ditch The ‘Dirty Dozen’

It is becoming more and more affordable to buy organic as doing so becomes commonplace but it is true that due to farmers and producers going to extra mile to make products green, organic options are more expensive than non-organic. It really is money well spent, but if you’re in a position where your budget won’t allow for a fully organic food shop, or you’re starting your switch tentatively, there are certain fruits and vegetables which have been shown to retain the highest levels of pesticides – so go organic with those first to protect yours and your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

The more organic products you choose, the better, but every little helps when it comes to ditching the toxic input making its way into your body and supporting the organic industry – even one or two products switched means your money is going to a greater good.

The following foods (when non-organic) tend to contain the highest concentration of pesticides, either because their thin skins and high water content mean they absorb pesticides easily, or because they have the most pesticides used on them. And of course, pesticides on your food means pesticides (and many other harmful chemicals besides) in your body.

organic september

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