Organic September #3: The Importance of an Organic Pregnancy


Organic September #3: The Importance of an Organic Pregnancy

The inspiration behind our brand stemmed from personal experience – something Tabitha describes as her ‘lightbulb moment’ during her pregnancy with her first child, in 1999…

During a visit to her midwife, Tabitha discovered the dangers of dying her hair while pregnant and as soon as she realised the negative impact these widely-used chemicals would have on her and her unborn child’s health and wellbeing, her attentions turned to her loyal salon clients. She began researching and the more damning evidence she found against non-organic products, the more resolute she became in making the hairdressing services she offered that would put the health of the salon guest a priority in the conversation.  A total salon re-vamp followed. Out with the old chemical ways, in with the natural and holistic thinking.

Hair colour has always been a tricky one to get right in terms of going purely natural, and it still presents the biggest challenge today. In the TJK salon, we do our best and ensure that the colours we use are free from some of the really harmful chemicals found in traditional colours they are not yet chemical free. Truly none toxic colours are still not available.  This is something that Tabitha is determined to change and she is constantly working on this project to drive change.  In the meantime our salon’s organic colourists colour with knowledge of where the harmful ingredients are and they design colours that are safer by design.  Tabitha’s advice when pregnant or breastfeeding is to not to colour on the scalp and instead have a design colour that will keep you and baby safe.

Finding the balance between non-toxic and high-performance results proved a challenge. Her calling became clear and she started on her journey to create the truly organic hair products the industry so desperately needed. This was also vey difficult, but she has been able to create a range that is completely non-toxic. Given that hair products are applied to our scalps regularly, this enables a very important shift in our daily routines that helps keep us safe and indulge in a little luxury at the same time.


If you’re ever going to make the switch to natural products, during pregnancy is the best time to do so. Many women don’t realise the scary fact that whatever you are putting onto you body is going into your body and when you’re pregnant, that also means into your baking bub.

So today, for Organic September, we wanted to delve a little further into that initial revelation about the effects of using chemicals on your hair and skin during pregnancy, and explain why having an organic pregnancy is of the utmost importance for the health and wellbeing of mummy and baby.

Stay Safe, Stay Organic

The toxic chemicals used in so many hair and beauty products that are not only widely available, but also widely promoted for use on pregnant women and super-sensitive new babies and children can be incredibly harmful in so many ways. There is swathes of evidence to suggest that many of the synthetic ingredients used in an average beauty routine contribute to many ailments, both immediately and later in life, from uncomfortable conditions such as eczema to the more serious side effects, such as disrupting the endocrine system.

People are becoming increasingly aware that natural is best for baby, once they’re out of the womb, but it is less commonly considered how essential it is to have an organic pregnancy too.


Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group says:

“We’ve measured hundreds and hundreds of toxic chemicals in the blood of babies that are still in the womb. From flame retardants to the chemicals in consumer products like personal care products, makeup, shampoos. It’s a very long list.”

From these EWG studies, they discovered an average of 232 chemicals in the cord blood of 10 babies born in 2009 and those numbers are only expected to have risen since then. These chemicals are those found in many household products from shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics to plastics in your home, mattresses and electronics like computers and mobile phones.

What is more terrifying, is that so many of these toxins are also present in the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Scientists at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health followed groups of pregnant women in New York City for 12 years, using specially designed backpacks with tubes that suck in their surrounding air, to measure the toxins that enter the womb purely through a pregnant mother’s breathing. Much to their dismay, a full 100% of air samples showed alarming levels of at least one pesticide and many other carcinogenic pollutants. These same chemicals were then also detected in the baby’s cords, once they were born.


Go Organic, Momma!

Due to many of these chemicals being in the very air we breathe, it is impossible to avoid them all in today’s world. This is why it is so important to have an organic pregnancy wherever possible and one of the easiest places to eliminate the absorption of chemicals is in your hair, skin and beauty products.

But remember! Some natural products pose their own risks during pregnancy, so do your research. Many essential oils, for example, are not recommended for safe use when pregnant. Fortunately, the TJK aromatherapy blends that fragrance our award-winning organic haircare are mild and gentle enough to use on all the family.

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