What is Organic September & How Can YOU Get Involved?

organic september

What is Organic September & How Can YOU Get Involved?

We love September! Not just because of that magical feeling in the air as summer fades into autumn and the expectant excitement of all the amazing things happening at Tabitha James Kraan Organics over the next few months. We love September because it is Organic September! Another fantastic campaign awareness month brought to us by our friends at the Soil Association.

We’re dedicated to spreading the word about going organic and why it’s best for you and for our beautiful planet (read more about that here), so of course when the opportunity to really reach the masses presents itself, we can’t wait to share it with all of you!


Last year’s Organic September campaign reached a whopping 31 million through the press and 21 million through social media and this year is set to top that, if we all do our part. Want to know what Organic September is all about and how you can help? Read on…

organic september

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What is Organic September?


Organic September is all about giving thanks and praise to companies (like us!) who create organic, sustainable products and food; raising awareness of why organic is the best choice for you and your loved ones and making a real stand for change in farming, production and shopping.

Simply talking about great organic brands is enough to show the world that there are amazing alternatives out there and this is what will put pressure on more companies to start creating environmentally friendly and health-conscious wares.


British food that contains pesticides


The average increase of wildlife on organic farms


The amount research suggests pesticide use would drop in England & Wales if all farming was organic

organic september

How to Get Involved


Alter your shopping list

From your beauty routine to meal-making, it only takes small changes to make a BIG difference!

By simply tweaking your shopping list to include organic items, you’ll not only be making the healthier choice for yourself but you’ll also be helping to create a demand for more organic produce, making it cheaper and more readily available for everyone.

Tell us why you #chooseorganic 

Help us spread the word by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #chooseorganic with your favourite TJK products and tell us all about why you choose to buy organic.

Become a member of the Soil Association  

The Soil Association is a UK charity devoted to making a global change in the way that we live and by becoming a member for £3.50 a month, you can help them to continue their mission.

By supporting the Soil Association, you will be directly funding vital campaigns targeting key, environmental and healthy living issues; reshaping the future policies of food and farming with Government influence and encouraging farmers, schools, hospitals, care home, restaurants and parents to make positive and life-changing choices.

organic september

Ask for organic

If your local supermarket doesn’t stock much in the way of organic food and cosmetics, don’t stay quiet – ask for it! You’d be amazed at how much one voice can change.

Organic always means:

  • Fewer pesticides 
  • No artificial colours & preservatives
  • The highest standards of animal welfare
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • GM Free