Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Lou…

TJK Real Life Hair Stories by Louise

Real Life Tabitha James Kraan Organics Hair Stories: Meet Lou

The over-washing struggle is real and it’s a vicious cycle many of us fall prey to, particularly if we damage our hair with dyes and other chemical processes.

Our chat with Lou speaks to all of you out there who are fighting a losing battle to maintain both the colour and style you love as well as healthy hair. Product after product, wash after wash, Lou found that her hair only became more brittle and more weighed down by build up, which then called for further washing and more product! Fortunately, Tabitha James Kraan Organics products came the the rescue!


If you’ve got unhealthy, straw-like hair that is suffering the effects of repeat colouring and over-washing, this one’s for you. Meet Lou…

Before: Unhealthy, straw-like hair that couldn’t cope with being chemically treated and that wouldn’t respond to a cupboard full of hair products. Quick to tangle and desperate for constant conditioning, which had Lou washing her hair more than necessary simply to be able to moisturise and restyle.


After: Healthy hair that is balanced, happy and strong enough to take regular hair lightening.  Lou is now able to go longer between hair washes and still keep her hair well hydrated with only three products – meaning no waste and no clutter in the bathroom!

The key to Lou’s TJK Transformation? Breaking the over-washing cycle. 

Tabitha’s Tips:

Lou has and an amazing amount of long thick hair that is naturally quite dark and course in texture. She is keen to embrace blonde hair, but this dedication to keeping her hair much lighter than her own colour led to inevitably damaged, brittle, porous hair that was breaking easily – not something that anyone wants, particularly when trying to keep their locks long, as Lou is!

Lots of product can create build up and weigh the hair down, which is something Lou has been experiencing in her battle to improve the health of her hair, until now. By switching to her new TJK haircare routine, Lou has been able to ditch many of the steps and products that really weren’t doing anything for her and instead, rely on only three key products that leave her hair light, smooth and voluminous – perfect for the beautiful waves full of movement that she loves to wear.

Although the happiest hair is always that which is not chemically treated, that doesn’t mean that choosing to use hair dye or to lighten your locks has to equal the end for your hair goals…

What it does mean is that you will need to go the extra mile to achieve healthy hair that can handle the process without succumbing to the damage and simply breaking off. By moisture layering with her Tabitha James Kraan Organics haul, Lou can maintain great hair health all day, every day and limit the harm done.

Using the 4-in-1 conditioner as a moisture replenishing styling product and super-boosting with our Scented Hair Oil means that she now has lots of healthy hair to play with and she can even forgo heat-styling when she’s happy to sport, glossy, beachy waves. Both of these products can be used throughout the day, but how much and how often really comes down to the individual. It’s about understanding how much your hair needs and matching that.

As an active person who juggles an outdoor horsey life with a busy business and social life, Lou needs to feel confident and fabulous all the time without feeling she has to keep washing and blow-drying or making constant trips to the salon. The discovery of Tabitha James Kraan Organics has been a breakthrough for her!

Lou’s Essential TJK products: The Re-Training Trio

This is not shampoo
Moisturiser for your hair

To have a truly happy relationship with your hair, you must break free from the over washing cycle and this is exactly what Lou has done with the Tabitha James Kraan Organics Re-Training Trio. These three core products work in unison, cleansing, moisturising and super-boosting hydration, allowing Lou to be the colour she wants and still have gorgeous, healthy hair.

Lou’s hair management is now quite different from her old routine. Instead of over-washing in order to re-condition, she now uses our Organic Hair Cleanser as a refresher that doesn’t strip and only as a deep clean once a week. Incredibly, Lou can go over a week and still have oil free and glorious hair – something she has never achieved before. This also means that her blow-drys can last days, leaving her looking like she “just stepped out of a salon” with far less heat styling.

As well as her revolutionary hair cleansing routine, Lou also keeps the 4 in 1 conditioner trial size bottle in her bag for those moments when she simply wants to touch up her look, calm her hair and smooth flyaways, all with an extra dose of moisture. If she wants some volume, all she has to do is scrunch rather than smooth with this multi-functional product! However she uses it, this is a great way to keep her hair smelling fresh and feeling revitalised on the go.

Unlike most products which get less effective the more you use them, Tabitha James Kraan Organics products are always working hard, with natural ingredients, to improve your hair health. The more you use the products, the healthier your hair becomes! Your scalp will find balance over time and you will find you have to use less and less product to achieve the look you want.

Lou is living proof that the vicious cycle of over-washing can be broken!

Guardians of Natural Hair

Lou’s Tabitha James Kraan Organics steps for thick, coarse, wavy, colour treated hair

1/Full Cleanse

1 x weekly to rebalance and cleanse scalp and hair (this step maybe repeated to match your initial routine and remove other products and silicones etc from the hair built up by non TJK Products previously used.

2/Condition and Wear it

4 in 1 conditioner to moisturise. Brush through in shower and apply enough until silky smooth. Wash off any excess at root or leave in for a hair mask. The amount may vary depending on condition of hair. You will need less over time after hair has been loved solely by TJK products and you aren’t adding any other products to your routine. Add up to 2 pumps of Hair Oil into wet hair and leave.


Blow dry down shaft of hair until fully dry or leave to dry naturally.

4/Daily care and dress

Brush with a natural bristle brush and dress with a combination of 1 -2 pumps of 4 in 1 and if required, 1 pump of our Scented Hair Oil. For big hair and to add volume, Lou uses a roller brush and hairdryer.

3/Freshen up

If you fancy a mid-week refresh, in the shower thoroughly wet the hair and wet hands, use 1x pump of our Organic Cleanser at a time. Rub each pump between hands and in between fingers, push hands through the hair and around scalp and hairline, paying attention to any potentially oily areas. Reapply if necessary. No lather is needed. Rinse through to lightly freshen the whole hair without stipping out the oils and conditioner.

4/Moisture Layering

Reapply a small amount of the 4 in 1 Conditioner and 1 x pump of the Scented Hair Oil to replace any moisture lost during refresh process. Brush through wet hair. Continue to reapply 1 x pump of 4 in 1 conditioner daily, just like you would for your daily facecare routine.


Blow-dry smooth or leave to dry for defined beachy waves