TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Powers of Potato


TJK Organics Key Ingredients: The Powers of Potato

As it turns out, the humble potato is not so humble after all! Unassuming, maybe, but this staple food is anything but ordinary when it comes to using it as an organic haircare ingredient.

Until fairly recently potatoes got a bit of a bad rap, made out to to be nothing but a starchy (tasty!) carb that no roast dinner should be without, but in fact a good old fashioned spud is actually loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair health and growth, which is why we consider it to be one of our hair superheroes.


From keeping the grey at bay (if that’s what you want to do!) to stimulating hair growth, potatoes might just be your hair’s new BFF…


Where it all began…

Potatoes may be an everyday kitchen item now, but this wasn’t always the case. Although now strongly associated with Britain (with most of our cultural dishes included potatoes in some shape or form), they actually originated in Peru, South America and only made their way to Europe when brought back as a conqueror’s trophy by early explorers.

Fast-forward four decades and the potato had well and truly made itself at home in European soil and now, the potato is the world’s largest food crop.

The high nutritional value of the potato is what kept many poverty-stricken societies in good health. Cheap, easy to cultivate in many climates and containing all of the vitamins needed for sustenance made this the ideal solution for families that couldn’t afford to keep their cupboards well-stocked.


Why we use it…

The common white potato provides an excellent source of vitamin C (which helps build collagen for longer, stronger hair), more potassium than a banana (a potassium deficiency can cause hair loss) and loads of vitamin B6 (vital in the production of melanin which gives hair its colour).

We use potatoes in the form of potato powder. Aside from providing your locks with a health-kick, this also stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth and, as an added bonus, works as a fantastic all-natural anti-caking agent and excess oil absorber in our Organic Dry Shampoo for salon performance results.

If you’ve tried our dry shampoo, you’ll know that it goes one step further than just making you hair look better – it actually feels better too. This is because the ingredients we have chosen do in fact clean your hair and scalp to leave you feeling fresh. Potato powder is the main event here: gently cleansing the scalp and unclogging follicles, meaning that even when you go days without washing your hair with water, you can rest assured that you won’t be risking any damage or hindered hair growth.


Potato Powder is:

  • Nutrient rich

  • Great for hair growth

  • Vital for hair colour production

  • Anti-dandruff

  • Excellent at absorbing excess sebum

Where you’ll find it…

You’ll find Potato on the ingredients list of our multi-award winning Organic Dry Shampoo for light and dark hair.